This is the first time I am hearing about bamboo nappy and they are very soft and gentle on my baby’s skin. They are long lasting and moreover environmental friendly. Couldn’t take a picture of my baby, but its awesome Regards Amulya

Hi Kendall, I would like to say a big thankyou for the samples. I am very impressed with them and will be ordering some wipes. The nappy was brilliant I loved the way how it soaked up the moisture and will definitely be recommending both of these items and my friends to your website. Many Thanks Janice Greaves


Hi Kendall, Thank you so much for sending the Bamboo Disposable Nappies and Bamboo Wet Wipes. My little toddler girl loved the nappy very much. She slept the whole night peacefully wearing the nappy. The nappy was so soft and comfortable to wear. The nappies and wipes are biodegradable, eco friendly and skin friendly. Bamboo is 60% more absorbent than cotton. I am very impressed with the Bamboo Nappies and Wipes. Thank you. With regards, Yamini Chandran

Hi Kendall, I’ve tried your sample nappy and I love it. It’s soft but not too thick and it’s the right size, not too wide like Bambini or too thin like Huggies. It absorbed well and held for the whole night without leaking.
Regards, MEDITERRANEAN SHIPPING COMPANY (AUST) PTY LIMITED as agent for MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A. Diana Jin Export Client Services – Vic


Hi, Just wanted to say thank you so much for the nappy and wipe sample. The nappy was great, fit my daughter well, held all the mess and love the fact it’s environmentally friendly. I thought the wipe was good too. Thanks! Michelle

Hi, The product was good and lasted quite well for the night also. The wipes was very good, i liked using it. Thank you for the product, I’m going to go to the website to find out more and of course the cost of it. Sorry was unable to snap a foto.




Thanks for the sample pack. Its great to be able to try before you buy as some nappies just don’t absorb enough. Bamboo proved one of the nappies that i would buy in the future as they absorbed well and the wetness indicator is also helpful. Regards Paul


I used these Nappies on my Little boy with Ultra Sensitive skin as soon as I felt it I knew it was Amazing it felt like silk and like something that would definitely not Irritate skin. It was Very absorbent and Left no Red Marks on His Skin. The Bamboo wipes were also just as Soft and Magnificent


Hi Kendall Well, me being me, I totally forgot to get a picture of Nico wearing the nappy… Oh well, regardless, just wanted to let you know that we both loved it!! It felt soft to touch and we didn’t have any leakage or rashes!!! It is a lovely product that I anticipate using in the future, (I buy disposables in bulk, and as I primarily use mcn’s will ba another month before I need any). Thankyou very much for the sample, I am always keen to do whatever I can for our environment, I love bamboo products! Maree


Bub loved the nappy and I did too – absolutely no leakage! Thanks for sending through the sample. Regards, Kasey Ball


Thank you so much Kendall & the LittleShoppers team!!!! I am a MCN and face cloth wipes mum but bub and I are heading overseas for a month and needed a disposable option (no way am I washing on holidays!!! ) Panda nappies and wipes to the rescue, so soft, so absorbent, just all round fantastic! Perfect for my little boys bot and much kinder on Mother Earth. Thank you for your absolutely outstanding service and we look forward to many more orders in the future  thanks again! Xx Bonnie Palmer

We really liked the nappy as it is super absorbent. It is bio degradable so you feel good using them. Vikas



Hi Kendall Here is my feedback in the bamboo nappy & wipes and a photo of my toddler with the nappy on. “I found the bamboo nappy so absorbent and we had no leakage overnight unlike other brands used previously. The wipes were gentle on my toddlers skin who suffers from eczema.” Cheers Tara


Hi I tried the sample of disposable nappy today and I am very impressed. The material is very soft and breathable and when my baby did a big messy poo, it did not leak. The wetness indicator was very useful. It was also not bulky like some of the other brands I have tried. Thanks. Olivia

Hi Kendall, Thank you for sending me the sample of the nappy and wipe. I found both the nappy and wipe to be super soft – almost like cloth. The nappy fitted very well on my daughter and did not chafe or rub her skin. It was very absorbent, without being bulky. I would recommend to anyone looking for a good quality nappy while looking after the environment. Thanks, Kate


Hi Kendall, Thank you for sending me a sample of Bamboo disposable nappy & wipe. Here is what I thought Nappy: It is soft. Actually the softest one I ever used in Aus. (The Japanese ones I use in Japan are equally soft) It didn’t leak around the legs which is good! Side tapes are very stretchy Wipe: Also very soft & seems it’s good for my baby’s skin. I liked it very strong. Overall, I liked both nappy & wipe. I’ll attach some pics of my baby wearing your comfortable nappy. He was happy as! Kind regards, Tomo Robinson

Hi Kendall, The nappy was very soft as I usually use cloth nappies but was surprised by the softness of the disposable! The absorption was great too. I loved the wipes, soft and very strong ☺ Kind regards, Rosie Curtain

Good morning Just tried luvme nappies. I found them to be a great product. My daughter wore it overnight and the nappy drew away all liquid, leaving her bottom dry and soft. There was less odor also. Would use these nappies again. Candice


As soon as I touched the luvme pandas nappy I couldn’t believe how soft it was, & I was pleased to see that it had a wetness liner. The nappy was a very generous fit on my son, & he seemed to be very comfortable in it. The absorbency is good and considering that the luvme pandas are so much better for the environment, are much kinder on babies skin, & they feel so much better than ‘regular’ disposables, I would personally purchase these before any other disposable nappies 🙂




Thanks for the Bamboo Disposable Nappy sample I received in the mail. It was soft, molded to the body well so I presume it was comfortable, wetness indicator was great but most importantly it held as much as a normal nappy would and no leaks. Find pics attached. Thanks again, Kylie


Thank you for the nappy and baby wipe sample. Both of nappy and baby wipe are soft. I love them as they have no chemical, so worry free 🙂 Also, they are good for our environment as they are biodegradable. Attached is my toddler wearing the nappy. That’s the “best” photo of my active toddler. Cheers, Shirley


The wipes have a non offensive fresh smell and the nappies fit snuggly to stop leaking around the legs. Thank you. Kristian Rogers


Thank you for nappy sample and wet wipe. i used this on my little girl,found it very lightweight and easy to put on,no leakage at all.Makes me feel better that it has no chemicals and easily biodegradagle. Kept her dry and very secure,most impressed.I used the wet wipe knowing no harsh chemicals were going on my daughters skin,fresh and cleaned great.thank you. Julie Morgan

Hi Kendal After some bad bouts of nappy rash, we loved how soft these nappies were! A nice change from the usual papery nappy materials. Thanks for the sample! Clare Moylan


Hi, Thanks for the sample. its really very soft and feels great to touch . None of the brands i have used in past 7 months was so soft and gentle. i m sure the baby loved it too. It absorbed a lot of pee as well. above all good product. would be soon visiting your site to buy more. Thanks. Gurpreet

Hi, Thanks for the free nappy. I forgot all about taking a photo, sorry. I’m not sure what size I received but it was a fair bit big on her which was a bit of a shame as it makes it hard to get an accurate feel. However, in spite of that, there was no leaking and I didn’t have any problem with it. I liked how silky soft it was for a disposable! Thanks again for the offer. Kristy Hetzel


Hi there, thanks for sending the sample, i have tried it and quite like it! The nappy is very soft and smooth like cloth. I have attached a photo of she wearing it:) Thanks. Yolanda

Glad u liked. I wanted to get a good shot of both boys together in them bit Liam pooed straight away. Good news was that the nappy was FANTAStIC! Very happy with the quality. Thanks for the opportunity to try your great nappies. Where can I buy them? Alicia Cleland


I used these Nappies on my Little boy with Ultra Sensitive skin as soon as I felt it I knew it was Amazing it felt like silk and like something that would definitely not Irritate skin. It was Very absorbent and Left no Red Marks on His Skin. The Bamboo wipes were also just as Soft and Magnificent.

Hi Kendall Well, me being me, I totally forgot to get a picture of Nico wearing the nappy… Oh well, regardless, just wanted to let you know that we both loved it!! It felt soft to touch and we didn’t hav any leakage or rashes!!! It is a lovely product that I anticipate using in the future, (I buy disposables in bulk, and as I primarily use mcn’s will ba another month before I need any). Thankyou very much for the sample, I am always keen to do whatever I can for our environment, I love bamboo products! Maree




Hi Kendall I just wanted to share this with you… We recently went to Perth for a family holiday and I took with me as many of your nappies and wipes as I could pack. Whilst we were there I had to purchase 2 packets of huggies nappies and a packet of Johnsons wipes (I also had a few small sample packets of huggies wipes given to me when I was in hospital). I just wanted to share with you that both my husband and I found that neither product came even close in comparison to yours in quality and design. We love the wetness indicator on the nappies especially and they were a both a better fit and were easier to put on our 9 month old daughter. Your wipes are both super strong and absorbent, don’t tear and come in a very convenient packet/dispenser. Anyway, I’m sure you get lots of feedback and I just wanted to share mine. Thanks for a great product and for a great service! Regards Miriam


Kendall goes above and beyond to help her customers something that I haven’t witnessed in a very long time.  Firstly the wipes are AMAZING much better than the store brought wipes they feel nice but they WORK.  And 1 wipe sorted a poo right out. I also used them on a runny nose without protest from my 11 month old which I definitely wouldn’t do if using supermarket wipes all those nasty chemicals.  Nappies other than being so soft they are super absorbent.  My twins tried these for the first time at night. I have tried other natural nappies at night before so i used a nappy cover over the top to stop any possible leakages.  I needed not have worried both nappies were dry on the outside. At the same cost as huggies i know what I will be choosing from now on.  Thanks Kendall – Mel


Hi Kendall, I just wanted to let you know that your product is amazing! I don’t have any kids myself, but I am a doting aunt with a best friend who is expecting in August. 🙂 My best friend told me she would only ever use disposable- and being brought up on cloth nappy’s myself, I wanted to find a more eco friendly product out there….Which is how I found your company. I look after my cousin’s child regularly and noticed that little Ella really, really hated wearing her nappy. Living up in humid Darwin means most disposable nappies = nappy rash and bub feeling hot or uncomfortable…. And a higher chance of the little one ripping her nappy off! The bamboo was obviously much nicer against her skin as she didn’t feel the need to escape (Hooray!), and the absorbency made for a much happier, drier baby. I loved the wet-wipes and would consider buying a supply just for myself. I compared it to the heinz sticky fingers pack that I’ve got and I think you have converted me! Because there are no harsh chemicals in your wipes, my skin was left smooth and soft. And again because of the bamboo, the wipe didn’t become scratchy against your skin. I am absolutely thrilled, and will be adding your products to the supply list for the little ones in my life. Thank you so much for being chemical free and eco friendly. Have a wonderful week! Sian

Hi Kendall, I thought you’d like to know how we went with our Pandas trial: Wipes – Very convenient because they can be used for hands, face and nappy area. I usually use face cloths and water as wipes when at home, but we use lots & they take up space in the nappy bag so having an eco-friendly disposable option is great for when out. We’re going overseas next month, and I definitely plan on taking my Pandas wipes with me. Nappy – Background: At home we use cloth nappies during the day (MCNs), and disposable nappies at night (Mamia – the Aldi brand). My 15mo is quite a heavy wetter so we change her often during the day, and overnight there’ll be nappy leaks about 1/3 of the time if we don’t put a cover with bamboo booster over the disposable nappy to catch the leaks. Pandas: The first thing I noticed about the Pandas nappy was that it was so trim, light, & soft. Plus the fit was spot-on for my dd! Would I use Pandas again? Definitely! I love the fact that it’s made from bamboo, which has natural antibacterial properties & is very absorptive without being full of chemicals. Being compostable is a HUGE plus as well! I always feel guilty at having to use disposables on due to the environmental impact, so think I may have found my solution to this! Thanks for letting us trial the nappies Kendall! Cheers, Emma


I received your bamboo nappy sample yesterday and I was pretty excited to give it ago. I must admit that I was a but skeptical at first how soft and gentle it would be as I have tried others in the past and they weren’t that great. However, these were amazing! I gave it the overnight test and my little girl woke up this morning with no leakage and no signs of nappy rash starting! (The only nappies I’ve been able to use have been huggies as every one else I’ve tried gave my kids nappy rash.) Both my husband and I LOVE that they are so Eco friendly as well! Needless to say I will be purchasing some soon and telling all my friends about them!! Jamie 🙂

Hi Kendall,  I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE your products.   The resuable bamboo breast pads are the first pads that I have found which do not irritate my skin.  The wipes are fantastic, they are really strong but also lovely an soft. I love that they are so gentle on my babies skin.  The nappies are SUPER soft and absorbent.  I love your products so much that I am recommending them to all my friends/family.  But the thing that I am most impressed about is your AMAZING customer service. Orders are processed incredably fast with me receiving my orders within a week of placing an order.   Congratulations on your wonderful store, I will be back for more.  Warm Regards, Clare


Hi Kendall,  I recently tried the Pandas by LuvMe bamboo eco disposable nappies. The first thing I noticed is how extremely soft and cuddly they are. (Yes, cuddly! My husband caught me rubbing one against my face & giving it a cuddle. They are just so soft!!) Even the elasticised waistband at the back and around the leg holes feel soft and smooth. Our 2 year old had been getting terribly uncomfortable in the disposable nappies we were using from the elasticised waistband in the back of the nappy. This was causing her to scratch constantly, leaving her skin irritated and scratched, even bleeding at times. But with these soft bamboo nappies, no more irritation and no more scratching! They are so comfortable for her to wear. And so absorbent! Luckily, they have the wetness indicator line. Not only that, they are also antifungal and antibacterial due to the bamboo fibre. No more nappy rash or nasty smell! We also love the fact that they are biodegradable (they break down in just 2 years, compared to 500 years!!), organic and chemical-free, making them safe for bub and the environment.  I also trialed the LuvMe bamboo eco wipes. Again, so soft, chemical-free, organic, biodegradable, even compostable! They smell natural, not chemical-filled like others, are smooth on the skin and do a great job of cleaning up even the messiest of nappies. Great for wiping hands and faces on the go, too.  They are both great products! I’ll definitely be buying more and recommending them to my friends. Kind Regards, Donna





I am a big believer in not putting harsh chemicals in contact with my baby, as well as also finding products that are kind to the environment. It’s scary how many chemicals go into products these days, as well as how long some products take to breakdown in our landfills. I really just want my children to be safe and to grow up in an unpolluted world.  Along with these beliefs, I still think these eco-friendly; non-toxic baby products should be functional and cost effective. Not much to ask you would think?? I have tried many eco-friendly; non-toxic baby products on the market and they are either very expensive or are not functional i.e. nappies aren’t absorbent. Until I found the Luv Me range of nappies and baby wipes. I can honestly say it blew me away how soft and absorbent the nappies are, whist being eco-friendly, non-toxic and cost effective. I also love the wetness indicator on the front, very handy! The wipes are amazing too! They are made of beautiful bamboo and are very strong! I love, love these products and would highly recommend them to any mum that are looking for reliable, well priced, eco-friendly, and non-toxic baby products. Also, I love that you are supporting a great Australian-based family run company is an added bonus too! Thanks so much. Regards, Lorna

I just wanted to say a quick thank you to Kendall and the team at Little Shoppers for such great product and service, the reusable cloth nappies are great, they save me money and are good for the environment and are very soft and gentle on my babies sensitive skin, and the colors are nice and vibrant, very cute 🙂
The service at Little Shoppers is fantastic, with super fast delivery and great prices, Thanks again. Debs and baby Isabella


The reason I love little shoppers is because my grandson wears your products of nappies and wipes as I look after him. I have found a huge difference with his nappy rash while wearing and wiping his tushie (lol) with ur satisfying products. Thank you for eco friendly, no chemical products keep up the good work 🙂 ~ Hiam


I love LuvMe products because they are natural, made of bamboo and affordable! ~ Nida Saeed



Hello Kendall, I got your samples today and I LOVE the wipes I make home made ones as I don’t like what the big brand wipes do to bubs skin but the bamboo ones are a winner for me and am more than happy to use these on my daughter delicate skin The naps are great I like that they aren’t decorated with nasty chemicals and has great absorbent power Thank you very much Kind regards. Rana

Last night, I sampled your bamboo disposable nappies.  Overnight my 10-month old son wore one to bed and this orning we woke up and surprisingly it was able to hold a big amount without any leakage!  The nappy is soft and fitted my son perfectly, I loved the wetness indicator as many nappies in my sons’ size does not have this.  Having a baby with sensitive skin these nappies seem perfect! Madi Stone


Just a quick note to let you know that we have received both parcels & I LOVE the bamboo nappies!! They are so easy to look after and my bub loves it!! Can’t believe the difference!! It is so~~ good on her skin! Thank you so much for your arrangement. We will definitely be recommending these to other parents. PS. Thank you for the lunch bag. Very kind of you to do that. ~ Ally

Insulated Lunch Bag Review: This is a great product, just the right size and shape to take along with me to put bubs bottles and water to keep it warm in, Thankyou LittleShoppers for sending me one of these!!! Wonderful customer service, as the courtesy calls are great, thanks so much have recommended you to some mums in my new mums group!!thanks again! Suzie Sims


Hi Kendall, Just wanted to let you know the insulated lunch bag is a hit! Also thankyou for the sample nappy it actually fit Miss 7 (autistic) & worked a treat. No leaks! Thank you, Shonel

Review on Swim nappy: I’ve recently received this and just love it. Bubby hasn’t done any business in them just yet, but they fit really well. Thanks Kendall. Kind Regards, Cleo Rewald




Nappies Review: Hi there everyone, time for my review, lets start, i  the range of colors these nappies come in!! the photos on the website don’t do them justice,the colors are bright bubbly and just radiant!!! i also have them in pink and purple!! Now secondly the quality is fantastic!! They are so soft! Easy to wash and dry fast!! Affordable is an understatement, for me who is on a tight budget i found the outlay to be reasonable and worth it! now i will save on not only money but also on time effort and there will now be more space in my rubbish bin because no disposables are taking up all of the room!! Next: Wonderful, friendly and great customer service! I have enjoyed using the nappies so far! Also the flush able liners are a must have!! So all in all im very happy! Thankyou LittleShoppers! Suzie Sims


So far I have tried the nappies, nappy liners & bamboo wipes and I am amazed on how great these products are! Since using the nappy liners, I’ve noticed the nappies don’t stain as much. The nappies & the wipes are so soft and gentle on the skin and I love how the nappies adjust to the size of your baby so you can use them from newborn to toilet training. J ~ Natasha Horder


We love your products. We started using your wipes and disposable nappies for travelling, when my son was 3 months old and we didn’t want to be washing our cloth nappies. After 18 months using MCNs we transitioned to use your products full time. Buying your products in bulk has saved us time spent shopping, meant we’ve always had backup supplies on hand, and been great value for money.  My son is now 2.5 years old and (hopefully) won’t be using nappies for much longer but we are down to our last few packs of wet wipes and we *know* we’ll be needing a few more of these yet! So I came to your website to buy our last box (36 packs) of wipes but it’s telling me that you no longer service our area (Inner West, Sydney) and our local IGA is listed as a stockist. Congratulations!  It is wonderful to see families supporting sustainable products and businesses, and especially when they have such great people, products and value, like Little Shoppers does. Well done! ~  Cheryl

Good afternoon Kendall and Littleshoppers team. A quick note to say Thankyou.I received my Eco- premium starter pack I ordered and I’m loving the softness and quality. They leave my baby girl dry through the night and I love the fact I’m doing my piece for the environment for her to have a more sustainable planet. Many many thanks, Karlee Marlow


Review on Bamboo wet wipes: I originally thought that these were going to be thin and disintegrate in your hand, but from the first one that I used showed me that while they were thing, they were very strong and did not tear. They are very gentle and I am really pleased with them. Thanks Kendall. Kind Regards, Cleo Rewald


Review on Disposable bamboo nappies: are a really great fit, they are slim enough to cover even when full and the retention of holding what it needs to is fantastic. The simply wetness indicator is a great design, the elastic back really holds everything I. I’ve not had one overflow yet. They also seem to not emit any smell which I found the supermarket ones did. The fact that they are compostable and environmental friendly is a plus and are reasonably priced. Thanks Kendall. Kind Regards, Cleo Rewald

Review on Eco Sample Pack: Hi, just wanted to say thank you so much, got my order the other day (was away so was waiting for me when I got home), and as it was a gift, the new parents were thrilled! Service was amazing, with a friendly call to say it was on its way, as well as great packaging, and, of course, fantastic products! Thanks again, I just wish you guys were around when my ‘babies’ were babies! Fiona Dorrity


Review on Reusable bamboo nappies: these are so well fitted to Bubby, there are no leaks, even when using over night, again the capacity they hold are fantastic. I’m so happy that I’ve found your products. Thanks Kendall. Kind Regards, Cleo Rewald

Hi Kendall, just a quick note to say thank you for the quick delivery on my order! It turned up the other day. Everything is washed and ready to use very excited at starting to use cloth nappies. Save money and help the environment, and also so much nicer on bubs bottom. Thank you for your wonderful shop. Kirsty Gilmore


Hi Kendall, I love little shoppers because your products are safe for my little one, they are affordable and safe for our planet. Love how soft the disposable bamboo nappies are, and have the bamboo cloth nappies ready to go once I settle into this whole parenting thing and am ready to increase my washing! (He’s only 6 weeks old). Love the eco wipes too! Thanks for making these wonderful products available 🙂 Emma

With 3 little princesses and a little man it is nice to have a page where I can get free hints , tips and information from those that have been in the same position I am and always try to look for the natural, family friendly alternatives, in a practical and caring manner. I also love all the latest gadgets that are reviewed and the information given about them , Thankyou Eco Mum and Bub for just “being You “ ~ Kat Rogers


Hi, I love Eco Mum and Bubs! You have natural and bamboo products which are fantastic.  We recently switched to a Bamboo mattress on our own bed and find it absolutely wonderful. You have a lot of advice and ask lots of ???? for people to join in.  You ask for advice and opinions. Your prices are fabulous and you are just simply the best Natural page I like! My family are slowly going green and eco as in the beginning it is a little pricey but worth the switch! Plus you run fun give aways ~ Ann Dewit

Why do I love you? Hello, I love you because you’re affordable and also great to use on my baby girl and good for the environment which is sometimes hard to find in baby products etc these days. My daughter has sensitive skin so I need to be careful with what I use, good to know there’s good adorable products out there. Thanks, ~ Leasha Sanigar


Why I love your products! Love these products. Wipes are supper soft and super strong,the bamboo breast pads are super soft and super absorbent. Baby loves the natural lavender bath gel and the Nappies are soft, absorbent and all the products are environmentally friendly and affordable. The insulated littleshoppers lunch bag was super cute. ~ Tonii

Review on Bamboo protector sheet: these feel lovely and soft and wash really well. I’m so happy that I’ve found your products. Thanks Kendall. Kind Regards, Cleo Rewald


Review on Bamboo towels: these are so soft and super absorbent. I’m so happy that I’ve found your products. Thanks Kendall. Kind Regards, Cleo Rewald

I love Eco Mum and Bub because you have amazing Eco friendly products that are affordable yet desirable ….. Oh and because you give away free stuff. ~ Louise Harris


Love your products because they are all natural and i know my baby is safe from all the chemicals that are usually put in all the other baby products. ~ Razan

I love LuvMe products because they are natural, made of bamboo and affordable! ~ Nida Saeed

I love your eco products as they are great for the environment and our children! Thanks. ~ Georgia Marie


The reason I love your products are because they are great for us and our children also great for our environment. Thank you for the opportunity. ~ Julie

Sign me up for the parenting club please. We used our sample nappy last night. It was so soft and lasted all night. We love it 🙂 ~ Jessica Giles


Hi, I received your nappy sample and wipes, the nappy was very durable and held a good amount without leaking 😉 The wipes were so soft with the consistency of a thin wipe yet it did the work of a thick wipe I was amazed at how strong and soft the wipes are. We’re loved the samples and very happy with your product. Thankyou – Rebecca Darmody

The wet wipes were wonderful. I really liked how soft they felt and they have a pleasant scent. I also really appreciate how you have made them very affordable with the bulk buy. This makes them comparable with the generic supermarket variety in price and I feel so much happier that I can buy an eco version. ~ Anja V


Hi ! We received our teething elephant necklace today and it’s beautiful 🙂 very cute and Ava already loves chewing on it ! (She’s cutting her first tooth as we speak!) we also got the sample of your bamboo nappies and I’m already in love ! Ava has suffered quite a severe nappy rash recently which she’s just gotten over so she hates putting a nappy on. I was extremely happy and shocked to watch her in the bamboo nappy ! No tears 🙂 they’re super soft and comfortable for her she loves it ! It also helps that they’re so good for the environment and are nasty free 🙂 I will definitely be switching over to your products they’re wonderful ! The wipes also are super they don’t have the gritty feel or horrible smells that some others do 🙂 lifesavers ! Thank you so much !! ~ Hannah and Ava

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I have done a lot of research on Eco friendly nappies and after taking a leap of faith and ordering a bulk pack of 6 bags of nappies I am quite happy. I had never tried them as the sample I had received was for a newborn and my son is a Toddler I decided based on that fact that yours are the best priced that I would give it a try. I am quite happy! I do double them up at night but I have to double Huggies and the big brands at night as well because my son is an extremely heavy wetter at night. But I thought I would let you know that your shipping was quick and your nappies are good I currently have 10 bags of Wipes in another brand but once I am out of those I do intend to try your wipes as well. Thank you for being reasonably priced and having a good product that I can feel happy using knowing I am not ruining the environment for my son. Thanks, Cortney


I have been using your nappies and wipes for a month now and I Absolutely love it and so does bub. There is no leakage, bub is comfy and they fit well.  For bubs size there’s a line on nappy to indicate if his urinated which I loved as I remember his newborn nappies being like that wipes are great too no reaction. There’s nothing better then using high quality Eco friendly products on our precious children. Thank you little shoppers for your products and for the friendly and helpful staff ~ Helen Hallooni

RE: FREE ECO LUNCH BAG to ALL NEW CUSTOMERS! I applied for one of the free eco samples and received a sample pack of baby wipes, a newborn nappy and a pair of breast pads.  I was so impressed at the quality of t he products. 1. I love how the wipes are gentle enough to use on my baby’s body and face. 2. I love how the nappy was super soft, has the wetness indicator (like other competitor nappy brands) and best of all does not harm the environment. 3. Breast pads were absorbent and love how the sticky attachment meant that the breast pad would not move around. I am so impressed that I am hoping online now to purchase a trial an Eco Stater Pack. Regards, Bonnie H


Review on Silicone Teething Necklace: All natural, enviromently friendly, sooo cute, easy to wear. ~ Nic Whitney

Review on Silicone Teething Necklace: Love these products as they are super cute and practical!! ~ Poonam Collett


Review on Silicone Teething Necklace: All your products are great. My 5 month old is teething now and its driving him mad I would love one. ~ Kristen Woods

Review on Silicone Teething Necklace: Perfect for when my little one starts teething! Love this company and their great product offering. ~ Louise Bennett


Review on Silicone Teething Necklace: These look great for teething bubba’s! ~ Michelle Butcher

Review on Silicone Teething Necklace: Super cute, great price and eco friendly. ~ Rachel Colla


Review on Silicone Teething Necklace: These were great for my daughter she loves them so many different colours to match your outfit. ~ Vanessa Jensen

We love LittleShoppers because it’s so affordable & you have many awesome products so I can get them all in the one place! ~ Alison Riddle


Love LittleShoppers Eco baby products because I want the best for babies & best for the environment! ~ Valerie Cooke

I love Eco baby products because I know I’m giving my baby the best whilst being kind to the environment. ~ Ashlea Harper


Review on Silicone Teething Necklace: I love the fact they are good for the environment but easy to wear for bubs. ~ Vanessa Nagle

I love all the environmentally friendly product the Eco nappies are better for my baby’s bum and the earth love them. ~ Candy Watkins


Who wouldn’t love eco friendly safe products for your baby? There’s so many positives! ~ Elise Price

We love the products because not only are the helpful, they are environment friendly too! ~ Elsie Pond


I’m always after products for my son that are safe. He deserves the best and your quality is fantastic.  ~ Heather Brown

I love Eco baby products because they help preserve the environment for our future generations. ~ Juliet Ranieri


I love that everything is suited for a eco friendly family. ~ Karly J Brown

I love Eco friendly products and so do my children. ~ Jenelle Rolls Kim


Thanks so much for all your Eco friendly products…love that there’s so many awesome things to choose from! ~ Kim Keenan

Bub and I love LittleShoppers eco products because they are cost effective and kind to the environment! ~ Kristina Kinsella


I love little shoppers products because they’re great for bub as well as the environment. ~ Leigh Isabeth

My daughter is always comfortable in your nappies and they are good for the environment. ~ Martin Creeper


Eco baby products are fantastic quality and affordable for families on a budget! ~ Megan Canfarini

We love the products because they are great for the environment and our health. ~ Kristy Cranage


Thank you so much for the eco wipes and nappy. I was pleasantly surprised and impressed at how super absorbent the nappy was and it’s ability to hold a large amount of liquid. I found the wipes were also gentle on my little ones skin and I found your product overall to be a great and safe to use. I would definitely use these nappies and wipes again. Being a mum you want the best for your child and helping the environment is a bonus too. I like that your products are biodegradable and safe to use on sensitive skin. PS. I will also recommend these products to other mothers in my group. Thank you again. Regards. ~ Natasha

Dear family at LittleShoppers,  Last week I ordered 24 cloth nappies from your online store.  Extremely weary about the quality of those I found online and trying to justify the cost of other very well known brands; I was immediately hooked on your website, its products and I was so thrilled to receive the nappies about 10 minutes ago. They’re of beautiful quality, lovely colours and I can’t wait to use them on my expected bubba. I am so happy that I am supporting a small Aussie family business and whenever I can I will most definitely refer any
friends I know onto you guys. Well done team at Littleshoppers and thank you so much for all your hard work and efforts! Warmest regards, Thompson family


I love that everything is bio degradable environmentally friendly and oh so cheap. ~ Rebbecca Nudelman

We love your products because they environmentally friendly and great for bub too. ~ Rachael Coll


The products are safe for your bub and its environment. ~ Renee Colla- De Benetti

Love the option for environmentally friendly products. ~ Rachael Luke Spinaze


Great for me, great for baby and great for the environment. ~ Rosemarie De Bari

Love the fact that the products are environmentally friendly!!! ~ Sarah Hodgson


Love eco baby products nice to know it’s safe for baby and good for the environment. ~ Nicole Longman

We love that the products are great for the environment and safe for bub. ~ Shelley Condon


We love LittleShoppers Eco Baby Products because they are not harmful to the environment or bub, very affordable & a local homegrown business. ~ Melissa Jane Purkis

Bub and I love LittleShoppers eco products, the bamboo disposable nappies come in handy for just incase situations when our MCN are on the line. ~ Renee Dwyer


We love Littleshoppers Eco Baby Products because they are great quality, well priced and help the environment!!! ~ Kat Charity

In this day & age, I’m always mindful to look out for eco products to use when I can. Every little bit helps. ~ Jenna Gaul


Love the products because they are all amazing! ~ Nicole Bassett

Beautiful Eco safe products and fantastic range. ~ Mandy Caulfield


Love that everything is safe for bubs! ~ Kat Rogers

The products are great! ~ Nicole Power


Beautiful products that are good for the environment and safe. ~ Chryslyn Kennedy

The products are so good and my baby loves the nappies. ~ Ash-Lee Louise Verning


We love LittleShoppers’ products, they are so cute, cheap and environmentally friendly! ~ Kerri-anne Buchbach

I love this stuff because it’s not going to hurt me or my baby. That simple! Kind regards ~ Erika Ellis


Review on Silicone Teething Necklace: Bubs would love this as he’s 14months with two teeth and many more to come, I would love this because I want a happy pain free bub during teething  ~ Susan Stanley

Review on Eco insulated bag: you first told me that I would use it everyday and yes I do. It’s a perfect way of transporting bubbas food. I really do use it everyday. Thanks Kendall. Kind Regards, Cleo Rewald


I love your products because they are friendly….. Friendly for the earth, friendly to my bubba, friendly on the hip pocket and you are a very friendly, helpful person 🙂 Kristy Booth

Review on Silicone Teething Necklace: Clearly teething relief is a must! But if it can be environmentally friendly too?! Yes please! Why not do our part whenever we can? ~ Kay-Anne Archdeacon


Love the products as they are environmentally friendly, and just awesome products. ~ Thalia Buzes

Bub and I love LittleShoppers because they are good for the environment and cheap! ~ Anna Antony


We love LittleShoppers products to help reduce our ecological footprint. ~ Kelle Palmer Renshaw

Affordable and environmentally friendly, who wouldn’t use them for their bub. ~ Sarah Miegel


I love little shoppers Eco baby products because they’re good for my baby and the environment and they’re good for my hip pocket. ~ Monique Louise

Me and my bub love Little Shoppers because there are just so many excellent products that are better for her and the environment. ~ Jelena Sharman


Every item I’ve tried from your shops has been fantastic. Won’t be going back to others. My baby’s bottom thanks you. Janette

Eco products are amazing, great for bubs, great for the environment & great for the economy…winning all round really!!! ~ Peta Saunders


Love little shoppers because the price is great and the items are environmentally friendly. ~ Tammi Louisa

Love Eco mums products as they are environmentally friendly, reasonably priced and cute! ~ Kate Marconi


Bubs and I love your affordable Eco friendly comfy products that are just perfect for the lifestyle we lead, perfect for mum and bubs the lunch bag is a must have I use your cloth nappies and still find them amazing as are your wipes too!!! Bubs and mum are extremely happy with your eco friendly high quality perfect products and we could not live without them…affordable stylish and very handy and easy to use.. could not live without them! ~ Suzie Sims

This clueless new mum finally made a good choice. I have been ripped of by another cloth nappy brand. Very colourful nappies, but very useless as they leak. But not these nappies, I LOVE these nappies because they NEVER leak. They fit really neat. My 6 month old daughter sleeps through the night and just 1 nappy will keep her dry for a whole night. Also, she has had almost no nappy rash. I feel like a made a smart choice by trying this brand. Keep up the good work guys! ~ Anna


We love littleshoppers products because they are gentle on bubs skin and i don’t feel bad about destroying the environment as all the products are enviro-friendly! Win win in my books!!!  ~ Emma-Leigh Lothian

Thank you so much for the samples. I will definitely buy the nappies. I really liked how soft the nappy was. There were no red marks on her inner thighs and she looked more comfortable. ~ Bree Bonfield


The nappies are amazingly soft and comfortable! Our little boy loved it! Elena Brooks

Love your products as they’re friendly for the environment & great quality. ~ Anita Lang


Hi I just wanted to say that your products are amazing and I love them. I  would recommend to all my friends to buy from you.  Regards ~ Ariella

Review on Silicone Teething Necklace: Love ECO Baby products. This teether would be so easy for bub’s little fingers to hold. ~ Michelle Burgess


I love it because it’s good for the environment! ~ Belinda Maddocks

I love how everything is safe for bubs! ~ April Howden


If there is one thing that I would recommend to all mothers it would hands down be Eco bamboo wipes! I love them! So gentle on my babies skin, so affordable with absolutely no nasties and environmentally friendly. I now always buy them in bulk, because before I discovered Little Shoppers I felt like I was constantly buying wipes! I now buy a box for all my new mummy friends 🙂 ~ Madelene

Thank you so much! I’ve started using the nappies today & they are great! And I’ve worked out that they are about the same price as the nappies I was using which is great cause I thought they might be too expensive for us! I’m thrilled! I’m also looking at pre ordering some of the reusable ones too. Thanks for making such a great product!! ~ Melissa Hill


Hi, I received my samples yesterday and tried them today. The wipes and nappies are amazing, the wipes didn’t fall apart when wiping like some do and the nappies were extremely absorbent. I also tried the breast pads and found them extremely comfortable and absorbent also. Thank you so much for the samples and I will defiantly be purchasing more =). Shaylea

Hi there. Recieved my sample pack and love these nappies! The wetness indicator is a life saver and not something i have seen in other econappies i have tried. Can’t wait to purchase more for my little man. 🙂 keep up the great work for the environment! Makes me feel better knowing im having less of an impact! Thanks again ~ Karah


I received a sample of your wipes.  Great product at a great price.  The knowledge and assistance you provide is fantastic. The deals you offer are brilliant and I am about to order the eco nappies with the free eco wipes as they are a great product along with ordering some reusable nappies. Cheers, Dan

I was most impressed with the wipes ,I even used on my skin,and my daughters sensitive skin agreed with them too. The nappy was great, absorbent and easy to put on, good thickness and a comfort fit, thanks again,even better being good for the environment.I would recommend based on this. ~ Julie Morgan


Hi Kendall, Just wanted to say thank you to yourself and Laurie on such an excellent experience with you guys. I cannot wait to get some more stuff. Hopefully I can bring a few new customers in for you as well.  Again best experience thank you ladies! Kind Regards, Kasey Irwin

Review on Silicone Teething Necklace: We would love this, we have a very sore and sad teething little bubba who would be so appreciative, not to mention mum and dad! We love how environmentally friendly your products are and how nice they are for bubba! ~ Teah-Learne Paull


Hi Kendall,  I received my order today! Everything seems perfect and it only took 1 week!! (with free shipping products , in the pasts I have waited 2+ weeks) – I have had great service and I look forward to shopping with Little Shoppers again soon!! Regards. ~ Cassandra

It helps reduce my carbon footprint insuring that I am not only investing in nature for my baby but also future generations, which I hope will follow my example! P.S.  My baby is 1/2 Indian and the elephant is her daddy’s house animal. ~ Bianca de Lima


Review on Silicone Teething Necklace: My 8mth old has 4 teeth coming in all at the same time at the top and this would help with his discomfort!  ~ Sierra Sukkarieh