Nappy Sizing

Luvme Bamboo ECO
Disposable Nappies

Small     :    3-8kg
Medium :    6-11kg
Large     :    9-14kg
XLarge   :  12-25kg


IMPORTANT – Make sure your bub is wearing the correct size nappy as nappies that don’t fit properly will leak and this isn’t due to poor performance of the nappy but simple just the wrong size nappy.


Luvme Bamboo ECO
Disposable Pull Up Nappies

One Size Fits All : 12-18kg


Luvme Bamboo ECO
Reusable Cloth Nappy

​Multi-fit – One Size Bamboo Cloth Nappy (S/M/L) all in one nappy


Luvme ECO
Reusable Swim Nappy

Multi-fit – One Size Swim Nappy (S/M/L) all in one nappy