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LittleShoppers & Luvme Family ECO Story

Picture this – Glowing Green Trees and Rolling Mountains surrounding a fresh water lake that naturally weaves and trickles its way through 10 acres of lush grass that Macqueen our pony loves to eat.

Sounds like something out of a fairy tale right? Wrong – Less than 50 metres from this is the hub or should we say the heart of where all the magic happens at our family home business, Luvme affordable ECO Bamboo Baby Products.

My corporate career was long hours and heaps of travel taking my precious time away from my family. I wanted to create something that still gave me a career but combined being a stay at home Mum and spending a lot more time with my kids and family. How could I have the best of both worlds?

So I asked my Mum if she wanted to start an online business with myself. She could focus on the warehouse, stock and packaging/sending. I could focus on the online computer side of things and marketing/business development. I knew this matched both our skills perfectly. So then it was a matter of finding a product that suited our WHY! Something that we could be passionate about and something that would make a difference in more ways than one long term.

I come from a large family of 6, 2 brothers, 3 sisters and myself. We all now have our own children current total 12, all under the age of 16 plus 1 on the way. It seemed obvious to us to get into the baby and toddler niche to make a long term difference, focus on Eco Baby Products but make them at a price EVERYONE can afford. Organic without the organic price tag! This is how our online store LittleShoppers and our brand Luvme was born.

The first few years was definitely the hardest. We made many learning mistakes. For me, I found having a family business such a positive to help each other stay focused on the long term goal. I always felt that if I was down I could rely on my Mum to help me feel better and vice versa. Having a Mum with a ‘never give up’ attitude has been the best role model I could have and one of the main reasons for our businesses success.

Nestled on our 10 acres sits our warehouse, storing hundreds of Luvme Bamboo Eco baby products. I live next door to my Mum (aka my business partner) on the same property. How convenient! We truly are an ECO family business. My office is in my home so I can still be a hands on Mum to my 3 beautiful girls, Arielle 2 years, Nevaeh 4 years and Kayla 18 years. My amazing husband Craig is a pillar of support and has been every step of the way giving not only unconditional love but also playing an important role in our business as he is in charge of pallets and warehouse plus being a very hands on Dad, the best cleaner and cook ever.

In our home if you do something well it becomes your job haha.

My Mum has her office and packing area in the end of her home which is a very busy hub of staff that she manages working quickly and efficiently to get every customers orders out on time with her special touches eg: free thankyou gifts etc.

My Mum has always taught me to be grateful for everything you have in your life and to always find the silver lining, a strong believer in karma. Providing that outstanding customer service experience that you can’t help but want to share with your friends and family, is our speciality.

Eight years ago my Mum and myself created our family business to give our children and our planet a greater chance for a brighter future. It is our families mission to compete with the big boys from our home warehouse 1 nappy at a time with our Pandas by Luvme earth-friendly ECO Bamboo and wipes with no nasty toxic ingredients.

My Mum and I are proud to have now created a business all from our homes on acreage property, that is turning over a million dollars each year. Our brand Luvme is now is 100’s of stores and childcare centres throughout Australia. We have achieved this with no publicity only organically through word of mouth, having a dream to make a difference and amazing high quality products.

We love getting emails daily of success stories with families saying our Luvme products are the only one that has significantly or completely reduced rashes, irritations etc. caused by use of other brand wipes and nappies.

Raving reviews VIDEOS – CLICK HERE

Customer service is something my family is very passionate about. We pride ourselves on giving our customers a service experience that they will tell their friends and family about as there is no greater compliment than this. Our country up-bringing and lifestyle is what makes shopping at Luvme a true ECO Natural Experience.

Luvme family loves to give back to many charities, one being Randwick Children’s Hospital cancer unit. My nephew, Corey, was recently there getting chemo and without being biased he said our wipes were the only ones that didn’t sting or smell. Our charities have a choice of having our Luvme the Eco Panda Bear come visit and help cheer up the children, have fun and receive gifts.

Sharing our reason for “WHY” is now crucial in the process of leaving a legacy especially when my Mum (aka business partner) had recently aggressive stomach cancer which I am so happy to say she is now in remission. Getting our eco story out there and helping other families will make her so happy and proud in this knowledge.

Most importantly as the picture of myself and my beautiful daughter Nevaeh says below – Remember our Planet is left to our Babies! We all have family younger than ourselves so we need to make sure their future families don’t suffer from our neglect to do the right thing NOW! Together we will make a difference one nappy at a time!

Luvme ECO Baby Products are now nationally in IGA’s, Foodworks, Spar, Foodland in SA, Pharmacies, Health Stores and Baby Stores Our family is strong in the belief that we will only ever support independent family run businesses that share the same values and ethics towards their customers as we do. So be sure to ask for Luvme Eco Baby Products when you next visit your local convenience store, chemist or health store and thank you in advance for your support your earth also thanks you too.




– Luv Kendall co-founder & eco mum of 3 beautiful girls with a passion to leave them a better earth xx


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