Your ‘Beautiful Belly’ Story

Your ‘Beautiful Belly’ Story
We all know how quickly time flashes by us and your nine month beautiful belly story of growth and nurturing is no exception . Remember to take the time out to tell your story in some professional photographs to record the history of a new life and to show your child where they came from.

Fotoforce photography …


Make it a day of pampering with maybe some special make-up and hair and then a celebration dinner at the end of the day. We want to see your beautiful belly so remember to wear something floaty leading up to your photo shoot so that your belly doesn’t have elastic marks from clothing . We love the use of white clothing for its purity and softness .. but you may prefer soft pinks, breezy blues, or artistic black and that is all okay too. Incorporate any children that you already have or your partner in the photo shoot ..they will all have lots of fun kissing your belly or listening for the heartbeat .


Fotoforce photography ..


Your photos can be taken anywhere that is special to you .
In an amazing garden or rainforest , in the studio with some stunning lighting and no weather issues , In your gorgeous new nursery or at the beach ( choose the afternoon for the softer light )


Your belly is beautiful’s time to rejoice !


Fotoforce are on Queensland’s Gold Coast & photograph beautiful bellies from Byron Bay to Brisbane .
Ask Annie at about their Belly-Bub-Baby .. 3 part photo shoot .


By the time we shoot the 3rd series .. we feel like part of the family !