Vintage Baby Girl Names

Vintage Baby Girl Names
Vintage has an appeal that is seemingly timeless and regal. Like in fashion, the Gatsby look of the 20’s comes so elegant and chic at present. The names that used to be trending decades ago are once again coming alive and bouncing in the arms of parents.
Here is a list of vintage names for both girls that you might want to consider giving your new bub:
  • Catriona is an Irish name that is pronounced as “Katrina.” In English it is Catherine which is derived from Greek meaning “pure.” A picture of innocence is seen with this name.
  • Constance in Latin simply means “constant.” This name sounds very feminine and elegant. The name comes with an imagination of a lady in a pretty dress holding a parasol in a garden full of flowers in many colors.
  • Isabel is a name born out of romance. Isabella in Italian and Elizabeth in English. This name also means “a pledge to God.” It gives a feel that your daughter is one precious blessing you are bestowed.
  • Isadora is of Greek origin meaning gift of Isis. Isis is the God of fertility and birth. You will not only feel blessed but also feel that your little girl is a blessing to others as well.
  • Margaret is derived from many languages but bottom line is that it means “pearl.” Although pearls are tears, do not think that this name means sadness. Pearls are real gems and your baby of course is just one of your most valuable gem.
  • Olivia is an English name from Olive. It is name that existed in the 13th century even before Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night.” This name sounds sophisticated and just perfect for your baby girl.
  • Penelope is of Greek origin and means “weaver.” Weavers create beautiful fabrics and is a form of art. This name comes with a playful and cheerful appeal and will surely fit you happy girl.
  • Raphaella means “healer” in Hebrew. This name sounds very classy. It would be very nice to hear your little one being called for this is also an angelic name that will definitely suit your little angel.
  • Sophia is of Greek origin that means “wisdom.” A wise name to give for your little princess. Sounds smart and regal and will put a charming appeal on her.
  • Victoria is the most victorious name for it means victory! A name that has been marked in history for having a queen that changed the world. This name is regal and courage combined. Your little one will grow up and be thankful for being named this.