Uberkate is Celebrating its 10th Birthday with the Release of a Stunning New Collection, uberMemories

Uberkate is Celebrating its 10th Birthday with the Release of a Stunning New Collection, uberMemories

Fine jewellery brand, Uberkate is celebrating its 10th birthday with the release of a stunning new collection, uberMemories. In addition to that, founder and designer Kate Sutton, who lives in Killarney Heights with two young children and her husband Adam, has been busy collaborating with Il Tutto bag designer Lucie Trinco. They are bout to release a purse and jewellery collection next month.


Ten years ago Kate Sutton had a busy television producing career, which often took her away from her family, inspiring her to create her first piece of jewellery, the uberCircle - a gold ring she wears around her neck with their names and birthdays inscribed on it. This necklace became in high demand and, following a sudden medical scare (she had a benign brand tumour removed), she made the lifestyle choice to leave that fast paced job and realise her new business, uberKate.

Kate was the first jewellery designer in Australia to produce jewellery with deeply embossed names and dates on them and 10 years on, she is celebrating three milestones - the 10th anniversary of uberKate, her 10 year wedding anniversary and her 40th birthday.

To celebrate, she has released a stunning new collection titled uberMemories. Centred around two sinuous curving lines of sterling silver which wrap around your wrist, the collection features five pendants in the shape of diamonds, circles, flowers, ovals, and octagon shapes, with milestone moments inscribed on them. Each piece of jewellery, like all of Uberkate's collections are customised and personalised for each person. This new collection allows for the buyer to select from a mix of larger and smaller bracelet rings to create a stunning design to suit their own taste or that of the receiver. Any number of pendants can then be selected and personalised with inscriptions for milestones and key dates or memories.


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