Top 3 tips for creating “Festive Health” & a Stress Free Holiday Zone

Top 3 tips for creating “Festive Health” & a Stress Free Holiday Zone

With only 8 weekends left till Christmas its time to prepare for a stress free festive season

The Festive season can be a time of great fun and celebration, time spent relaxing and rejuvenating. Time with loved ones and catching up with friends. It can be time spent doing what you love the most, simultaneously creating joy and happiness for all around you.

On the other hand for many the festive season can be more stressful than joyful. It can become a 2 week triathlon testing ones physical, mental and emotional endurance and stamina, often leaving the body in need of a holiday to recover from its holiday!

For some the holiday season is spent feeling obligated and divided between how long and with whom they think they should be spending their time, whilst others endure feelings of great loneness and separation. Both experiences often lead to an unhealthy over indulgence of food, alcohol and/or drugs to fill the void or mask the discomfort of their situation with short-lived pleasures.

For those suffering from food, drug and alcohol addictions it’s often seen as a time of the year that its ok for them and others to turn a blind eye to their needs whilst they fall prey to their wants and desires that result in rebounding effects on there health.

Meanwhile corporate giants manipulate the holiday season as an opportunity to leverage between a human beings natural nature to want to “give” to pulling on the emotional strings of guilt spending! Leading many to spend beyond their means.

So what are the top 3 tips to creating an experience of “Festive health” and a “Stress Free” zone this holiday season?

Tip One - Get clear on what you wish to experience this holiday. Set your intentions and check in with your self-daily as to whether your choices are supporting your intentions. Write a list of things that if you could spend time doing this holiday would make your heart sing.

  • It might be to read those books still sitting beside your bed!
  • Take an afternoon nap everyday!
  • Catch up with friends you haven’t had time for!
  • Spend time in nature, walking or swimming. What ever it is make that list!

The ego is well trained in creating any number of justifiable distractions to keep you from valuing and meeting your own needs first!

Tip Two - Meet your needs before your wants.

This will help you to create balance and harmony in all your choices. You can manage the temptation to over indulge by simply making sure that you meet your body’s basic physical needs first before your wants.

Once a persons basic needs are met through providing them with enough quality water, quality unprocessed food, enough movement, rest and quiet time then that persons wants and desires can be much more easily supported.

A body that is well hydrated nourished with wholesome food and given the time to rest is less likely to crave an excess of sugar, processed food, coffee and alcohol or even recreational drugs. Often our commitment and diligence to meeting our body’s basic needs is lost in the busyness of the holiday season leaving us susceptible to increased cravings for what ever an individual’s weakness is and before we know it we’ve tipped the scales the other way and the slippery slop spirals out of control from there!

A few practical examples of meeting your body’s basic needs are:

  • Start the day with a breakfast that consists of all three macronutrients, Proteins, fats and Carbs to balance blood sugar levels during the day: A good example are eggs (cooked to your liking) with some sautéed mushroom and steamed vegetables.
  • Drink half your body weight in water by following this formular. 0.033 x (your body weight in) kg = litres required per day
  • Go for a walk or exercise during the day to support your metabolism and circulation.
  • Honor yourself with some quiet time just you, you don’t have to meditate, a walk alone in nature can quiet the monkey chatter and bring you back into you.
  • Avoid drinking on an empty stomach, have a piece of cheese or raw nuts before hand and have a glass of water between each alcoholic drink

Tip Three: Value YOU time as equal to time spent with others.

Feeling obligated and divided in how and with whom you wish to spend your time can quickly and easy create stress and anxiety.

Don’t over commit your self and you wont disappoint yourself and another by under delivering!!

Taking the time out to give back to yourself is the most effective and empowering way to provide your self with the energy to give back to others, even those you find more challenging to be with! Honoring time for you gives you the space to realign yourself to the truth that everyone provides a mirror for you and that to the degree that you don’t like another person; you are simultaneously rejecting a part of yourself.

It is this rejection that creates a feeling of disconnect in relation to the other.

So why not this holiday season focus on meeting your basic physical needs first along with enough quiet time so that you stay aligned to your intentions for a healthy stress free festive holiday season.

With that said I send Love and blessing to you all.

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