The Joys of Pregnancy or Just Pregnant and Over it!

The Joys of Pregnancy or Just Pregnant and Over it!

As a Naturopath/Nutritionist with over 18 years experience. I often get asked by my clients and mum’s to be. What can I take safely when I’m pregnant? Well there is a wide and varied answer. But to be on the safe side less is best. As a mum of three and having been through three pregnancies I have pretty well experienced it all! Which isn’t always fun.

But my motto is “ At least you get a good result!”

For heartburn a natural mineral salt called Nat Phos is helpful to relieve the symptoms. Take one tablet as needed. For aches and pains as muscles, ligaments and joints are coping with the growing expansion another mineral salt Mag Phos is very good. It is also helpful for cramps but unfortunately not the labour ones! Heat packs and massage are also very good. I used a useful yoga pose to relieve lower back ache. One in particular called The child pose (appropriately named). Start by kneeling then lower your bottom back onto your feet. Part your knees then put your forehead to the ground. Arms come up behind your back clasped and resting on your sacrum (lower spine) This takes pressure off the lower back and is calming.

Another two important things to keep handy are Rescue Remedy this can be taken orally or rubbed on the skin to calm and relax. The other is acidophilis to make sure the GIT and vagina are full of friendly bacteria for the birth.

Enjoy this phase of your life as before you know it your life is changed forever! Danielle Watson N.D, Dip Nutrition
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