The Imprint Years: 4 Ways to Condition Your Toddler to Disregard Peer Pressure

If there is something I can do now to prevent my child feeling pressured to get into a car with a drunk driver, start smoking, take drugs or bully others, just to name a few, then I want to be doing it.

Toddlers do not care what anyone thinks of them, they are completely spontaneous and are willing to try everything. How can you keep your toddler not getting upset by what others think? 

The key is to use encouragement instead of praise by saying what you see, because using judgment conditions children to care what others think. Here are some examples.

1. Performs a new task

Instead of saying you are so clever, good boy/girl. Say what you see – your feeding yourself with a FORK, your jumping, your putting your toys away.

2. Wants you to see something

Instead of saying that’s a pretty. Say what you see – you wanted to show me your picture, you want me to come with you, you want me to get you some food.

3. Does something you don’t want them to do

Instead of saying No, No, No all the time, try to say yes and then give to examples of something similar that you allow them to do. Yes you want to jump on the couch and the couch isn’t for jumping on. You can jump on your trampoline or on the grass.

4. Is in Danger

This is an appropriate time to say No. Danger.   Believe what serves you to love your reality.

Bronwyn Jeffrey | Executive Director
Mind Decisions 


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