Saving Your Child's Life: Road & Vehicle Safety

Saving Your Child's Life: Road & Vehicle Safety

By: Niki Burton, Pure Heart Kids Books

I'm Niki. A mum of 4 amazing kids. I have a new goal. I am going to save 1 million children from injury or death due to slow run over accidents. I am going to raise 1 million dollars for a preferred charity: I am going to make a difference in this world! How am I going to do this? For years I was the crazy parent in the car park, stressing out about trying to keep my kids contained and safe from traffic every time they got in and out of my car. Shopping trolley in hand, toddlers arm in the other. Trying to find my keys before my kids bolted across the road. Stressful.

My kids were too young to understand about road and vehicle safety or to comprehend the associated dangers. They had no peripheral vision and were spontaneous and ego centric. My kids were the usual, busy, spirited kids with fun on their minds. To try to keep my kids safe around vehicles, roads and traffic, for years I said, "Touch the car. Wait here. Don't cross the road yet." Often, with a cheeky smile, they slid their hand along the car... still touching. Now only 1 step away from the oncoming traffic.

As children are, my kids were small and generally out of view of other drivers. And they were fast; one second was all it would take to end their life. I decided to do something about this. I created Safe Spot Vehicle Magnets. Two Boy with stickers( fix) Safe Spot Vehicle Magnets gave my children an exact Safe Spot to touch, wait and stay safe every time they got in or out of our vehicle. Now I know where my children are, they are in sight, They are not on the road, behind my car or in traffic. It just works.One of my boys is very spirited and perhaps challenging. He tends to be more spontaneous than the others and often acts without thought for safety or repercussion. Dj was diagnosed at one point as having ADHD, and it was recommended I medicate him to assist. I refused. We just keep working it out as we go. He has improved greatly.

I was unsure at first however, if Safe Spot would work for him. It did. Dj responded well to having a visual, tactile cue which acted as a reminder for appropriate road side behaviour, and also gave him an active role in his own safety. Even I was impressed at how much difference the Safe Spot made for our family. Children learn best from see, touch, do. Safe Spot is a visual, tactile resource which gives our kids an active role in their road and vehicle safety, so now instead of me preaching "Stay here, wait, don't go yet ..." I can reward my children for their positive and appropriate behaviour. "Thank you for touching the safe spot and waiting so patiently." Every time they exit or before the enter my car I simply say "Touch the Safe Spot." It simplifies everything.

Every now and then I forget to remind them, and they remind me of what they should be doing. "Mum - Safe Spot!" I can simply nod, smile and praise them for remembering.Three Boys copy Nearly every day, children in Australia and across the globe are injured or killed in slow run over vehicle accidents. Last week while I attended the Sydney Pregnancy, babies and children's expo, 6 children were hit in slow run over vehicle accidents in 6 days. One per day. Most of these incidents occur in car parks, schools & driveways. Most of the time, the driver is known to the child; family or friend.

I don't see how I would cope if that was me. Safe Spot is my way of making a difference, reducing the number of slow run over incidents; saving lives and preventing injury. Safe spot is created to assist in ensuring road and vehicle safety for parents with children aged from 18 months to 7 years of age and is especially beneficial for children with learning disorders, such as autism spectrum and or hyper activity.

Giving our kids a see, touch, do role in their own safety not only simplifies the concept of road safety, but also provides tactile and visual cue and reminder for appropriate and safe behaviours when in and around traffic and roads. #9Validation: I have had amazing feedback since launching Safe Spot Vehicle Magnet from parents, educators and other. They were looking for an answer to saving their kids lives and reducing stress for parenting around roads and traffic. Safe Spot was the solution. Safe Spot Vehicle magnets are specifically designed for cars and will not damage your vehicle. They can potentially save your child's life and reduce the stress of parenting. My name is Niki Burton. I'm an Author, Educator, Motivational Speaker and I'm a mum of 4 who's about to change the world. One child at a time. So you think one million lives is a huge goal? So do I, and I'm determined to achieve it. Please support me in this mission by sharing this post with all you know who have young children. You just never know who's live you will be saving.










37Niki Burton is a mother of 4 children, an author, educator and a girl with a passion for healing hearts. Born in New Zealand in 1976 and raised in The Bay of Islands, Niki moved to Australia in 1992. With four children she made parenthood her main vocation while working as a tutor, teacher and childcare director before becoming a self published author and founder of pure heart kids books & Safe Spot Sticker. Niki graduated from Newcastle University with Bachelors Degrees in Teaching and Social science. Niki's dream of self publishing ‘healing’ books was achieved in 2012 with the first pure heart series. Her books are currently used in early childhood, primary and secondary schools, by educators, chaplains, social workers and other professionals, as well as by families. In 2014, Niki plans to become a motivational speaker with a focus on assisting children, teenagers and parents in realising their full potential and in encouraging others to follow their dreams and passions. Helping others is Niki’s WHY.

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