Rethink, Re-use, Re-wash

Rethink, Re-use, Re-wash

So it’s been four months since World Environment Day has past us by, did you take a pledge, change your habits or make a promise this year? Have you followed through with any of your promises. Caring for our environment and living sustainably can become part of the norm, it doesn’t have to cost more money or take more time, there are plenty of things you can do around the house that can help minimise your families carbon footprint.

If you have a baby on the way or a child in disposable nappies you can certainly make a change that will not only help the environment but will also help your back pocket by saving you up to $2000 per child.

Have you ever thought about cloth nappies? Get the idea of folding terry toweling nappies and sticking nappy pins through your fingers out of your head! Nowadays there are ‘modern cloth nappies (MCNs)’, these MCNs are just as easy to use as disposable and are pre-shaped and are often kept in place by velcro or press studs. They also have great patterns and are super cute too!

Here are the five main benefits of ‘modern cloth nappies’:

Financial: MCNs allow families to save more than $2000 per child. Even when you factor in the cost of laundry detergent and water and electricity for washing your MCNs you still can save all this money!

Environmental: MCNs help reduce waste, result in less waste in landfills, produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions and reduce the need for more landfills. Just by using a couple of modern cloth nappies in your household you can literally save hundreds of disposable nappies from going to landfill. Each baby in disposable nappies sends approximately 700kg of waste to landfill every year, where it sits, leaching toxic chemicals, for a very long time.

Easy to use: MCNs are easy because they don’t require bleaching, soaking, hot washing, ironing or any of those mundane and time consuming jobs that make traditional cloth nappies seem like a chore.

Health: MCNs reduce babies' skin exposure to the chemicals that are found in disposable nappies. MCNs also help prevent nappy rash as their breathable material wicks the moisture away from the baby's skin.

Cute and comfortable: MCNs are cute and come in modern, funky patterns!

If you are thinking that it will just take too much time to do an extra few loads of washing a week, well think again on average it takes just seven minutes a day to wash, dry and put away your modern cloth nappies…this is not really much of a sacrifice is it?

Now you have five great reasons to swap to MCNs today! What are you waiting for…

Emma Hale is an Environmental Scientist and mother of two and owner of the new online children’s sustainable product shop, Destination Green, based in Beacon Hill. Destination Green sells modern cloth nappy, nappy accessories and sustainable children's product at affordable prices.

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