Mums in Business: A Naturally Beautiful Beginning

Mums in Business: A Naturally Beautiful Beginning

Larissa Bright, Founder and CEO of Larissa Bright Australia, began her business purely by accident. She began creating natural, aromatherapeutic skin care and body care products over her kitchen stove, because she couldn't afford the expensive retail creams that she was used to.

Larissa had recently moved to Townsville in far north Queensland, from Sydney to begin a new life with her now husband, Paco. Having recently moved interstate, she found herself in a low paying job and unable to treat herself to the expensive brand-name creams she was used to using - so she set about mixing her own natural concoctions, inspired by the natural beauty of her new home, just 30kms off the Great Barrier Reef.

She began sharing her natural, handmade creams, lotions and potions with her friends and work colleagues and thus her business was born; but it was not all easy sailing for Larissa. Larissa has faced many challenges in establishing her business. In the early days, Larissa would spend hours and hours mixing and creating her natural products; she was also responsible for bottling, labelling and of course, selling, marketing and advertising her business.

Of course with business growth and success, there comes a time when every entrepreneur must relinquish some trust in others to help their businesses grow further. Sometimes, that trust can be placed in the wrong person, but as determined as she is with an unwavering work ethic, Larissa has won the battle and is steering her business towards new levels of growth and success.

The 2006 Townsville Business Woman of the Year is committed to creating a business opportunity for all women, especially mothers, that is stable, supportive, charitable and profitable.

Larissa Bright, company founder and CEO firmly believes in female empowerment and that every woman should have the opportunity to own their own successful business and have the flexibility to be at home with their children and families when it matters most.

Larissa Bright is so much more than a successful business woman. Larissa Bright is just that - bright - she is a bright, bubbly, outgoing mother of 2 children. Larissa's core beliefs are that of the power of nature and the art of apothecary - the basis of which her natural products were developed; she believes in women and that our daughters should also have the same rights and opportunities that other inspiring women have fought so hard to achieve before us.

"I love that I am setting a great example for my daughter; letting her know that as a mother, it is so important to be there for my children and even with the business I have created, Dolma knows that she and her brother come first; that I can balance work and family. I love that we can make a difference in other women's' lives and also as women, create our own financial independence. " says Larissa.

It is the ethos of Larissa Bright and her company, that every woman, mother, daughter, sister or aunt have the opportunity to be in business for themselves, but never by themselves. Larissa Bright Australia aromatherapy works diligently to expand and develop the business skills of the Independent Consultants who own their own Larissa Bright Party Plan Businesses, for free.

Consultants are also rewarded annually with luxury jewellery and gift promotions, rewards weekends and international holidays for successful expansion of their own independent consultancy businesses.

On top of free business and leadership education and training, it is the goal of Larissa Bright and the company to foster an environment of self-worth, self-value and appreciation; we aim to develop a community of women across Australia, New Zealand and soon the world, a community of women in business - proving that you really can have it all- family and success.

The Larissa Bright Aromatherapy community of business women are encouraged to develop their own team communities and create a positive, supportive environment within their teams. Larissa Bright encourages the community building efforts by fostering a 'one team-one dream' philosophy; Managers are taught essential team management, motivation and leadership skills and are encouraged to on-train these skills to managers within their individual teams and so on.

By building and developing their own team leaders and managers, Larissa Bright Australia business owners are giving other women the same opportunities, knowledge, freedom and empowerment to have their own successful businesses by creating a 'pay it forward' opportunity system.

By choosing Larissa Bright Australia, either as your own business or just simply by using their products, you are choosing to support Australian jobs, businesses, families and farmers.

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