Mumpreneur Kristy Chong's Journey from Corporate to Creator of New Modibodi

Mumpreneur Kristy Chong's Journey from Corporate to Creator of New Modibodi

...Smart and Eco-friendly Underwear Designed to Resist Little Leaks, Stains and Odour

Not long after the birth of my second child I came to the realisation that while I had lots of stylish cotton and synthetic underwear, from a functional perspective my underwear was failing me. I was experiencing the occasional light bladder leak, which was not a nice problem to have. While I felt I was the only one with the issue, I soon found out that 1 in 3 Australian women who have had a child experience the same problem.

Like most women I purchased disposable liners to prevent the leaks and every morning I was unwrapping and sticking in liners. I didn’t know when a leak would hit, but I knew I didn’t want to be caught out. I was frustrated by the liners, they were uncomfortable, they moved around doing simple tasks, and throwing out unused/used liners (while I was busy recycling every cardboard or plastic container in the house) just seemed wrong.

While out for a morning run I came to the conclusion that girls, women and mums deserved a more stylish, comfortable and eco-friendly solution. So I turned my back on my part-time public relations business and began my new career in underwear.

Modibodi was launched in Australia in August 2013. It is smart and stylish underwear designed to resist sweat, stains and little leaks. They are great for pregnancy, motherhood, menopause, menstrual days, working out, hot days and travelling.

The garments all use high performance fabrics that are odour and moisture resistant. The underpants also include a super slim (, super absorbent, stain resistant liner, replacing the need for disposable liners. Women who have tried Modibodi have been impressed by just how much smarter they are.

When I decided to develop Modibodi it just felt right, and the shift into mumpreneur has been relatively easy. However, I could not have done it without my husband’s amazing support.

My one piece of advice for others starting a small business is to seek out advice from various experts in the area before making any financial commitments to one idea or one supplier.

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