Mum’s Binge Today, Affecting The Youths Of Tomorrow: 4 Ways To Kick Pregnancy Cravings For Good

Mum’s Binge Today, Affecting The Youths Of Tomorrow: 4 Ways To Kick Pregnancy Cravings For Good


In light of a new breakthrough by Deakin University, junk food has been demonized as a direct cause of mental illness in children. Mum’s who eat an unbalanced and ill-nutritioned diet are more likely to bring up children with behavioural and mental concerns. 


The study took into account the diet of more than 23,000 women during pregnancy and the mental stability and diet of their children at the ages of 18 months and 3 years. What it found is that the nutrients delivered to the baby while in the womb and during it’s first year has a direct correlation to the mental health of the child later in life.


Children exposed to these highly processed, low nutritioned foods are more likely to develop disorders such as Anxiety, Depression, Attention Deficit Hyperacticity Disorder and are more prone to behavioural episodes such as tantrums, and panic attacks.

With pregnancy cravings being a hard burden to cease, I have put together 4 unbeatable tips to ensure a better lifestyle for you and your child.


    1. Start your day with a rich protein diet.


    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and by having a protein enriched start to your day, you can not only blunt that hunger for longer but relax the area of the brain that craves junk.  By adding some natural protein to your breakfast smoothie you can give your body just what it needs and stay satisfied. Changing Habits Inca Inchi Protein Powder will allow to do so in a completely natural and guilt-free way.


      2. Feed your body often with highly nutritious, balanced foods.


      Unhealthy binging and cravings occur when the body feels deprived from food. By constantly fuelling your body with healthy snacks you are never left hungry and can really give those cravings a run for their money.
          • Some nutritious and healthy snack ideas include:
          • 1/2 cup of shelled edamame beans
          • a handful of almonds
          • 1 free range boiled egg
          • 1 sliced apple
          • Carrot sticks with natural or homemade hummous
          • Greek Yoghurt with a drizzle of natural honey


        3. Eat chocolate.


        Not only does chocolate contain endourphins which make you happy, but it can reduce stress and depression. As a result, never rule it out of your diet – especially if, like me, it has always been a permanent fixture in your regime.


        The problem is the sort of chocolate you consume. Most of what we find on the supermarket shelves has been ruined with too many preservatives, removing the integrity from the original source. By using Cacao Wafers to make your favourite chocolate recipes you will be keeping all the nutrients and stimulants intact and as a result, produce healthy chocolate goodies as opposed to the risky alternatives available at our supermarkets.

      2. 4. Strengthen your immune system.
      3. By removing processed foods from your diet regime and focusing on foods in their purest form, you will be ensuring that both you and your baby are receiving all the goodness the body needs to maintain a healthy and strong immune system. This, in turn will ensure that the body is able to withstand bacteria and eliminate possible threats to the health of your legacy.

      5. A healthy child is a happy child and by staying strong on your bid against junk food, you are ensuring that mental health problems are not a permanent fixture in your childs lifestyle. By adopting these simple tips and maintaining a balanced diet, your blood sugar levels will remain consistent and cravings will be a lot easier to manage.  

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