Motherhood - A Legacy of Love

Motherhood - A Legacy of Love

I have not met or held you in my arms yet but I already knew that I loved you. I felt you from sick mornings and heard your heartbeat from the doctor's clinic too. I fell in love with you in an instant and from there, made a decision I will never regret as long as I live-- to be your mother.



Soon, I could no longer fit my favourite jeans and pretty dresses. You were growing so fast! I could feel you somersaulting in my tummy and made me crave for ice cream with apricot jam.



A few more full moons and came our biggest day! We met for the first after hours of painful labor. There is love at first sight, sweetie! It happened to us. I knew from that day on that I am forever bound to a wonderful journey—motherhood!



From ABC's and 123's, we took life's challenges together. We built a spaceship out of scraps for your science project and argued over Gulliver's Travel and Huckleberry Finn for your sixth grade book report. I watched you dance and sing and be the best version of yourself every single day.



Years passed and I offered my shoulder for your first heartache. I cried too. Everyday I replenished the box of tissue at your bedside table for two weeks and patiently listened to all your rants about love.



The day the mail arrived saying that you made it to your first choice of University, we were both screaming and jumping with happiness! We waited for daddy and we all celebrated with your first attempt on your dad's favourite dish.


My eyes were filled with tears of joy the day you marched up the stage and was handed your degree. There was fear in my heart. I was thinking that I will soon stop being your mother. My baby is now a grown up and need me no more.



There was gladness in my heart everytime you called me and asked about things to do in your new apartment. I also took pleasure in giving you cooking lessons over the phone.


Came the day the bells rang for you to tie the knot. It was your happiest! I saw the sparkle in your eyes when you said "I do" and kissed your better half to your own infinity and beyond.



When I entered the room and saw you holding your own bundle of joy, the heavens in my heart orchestrated the most beautiful musical piece-- love. I was transported back in time to the day I first held you. And I knew that that moment, you were bound to your own wonderful expedition to motherhood.



Being a mother is a lifetime experience of cocktailed emotions. Being a mother is a magical providence. Being a mother means a beginning of a new life and a continuation of a timeless succession of true love and selflessness!