Maternity Pictures are Priceless & a Must for Every Pregnant Women!

Maternity Pictures are Priceless & a Must for Every Pregnant Women!

Isn’t it funny how every pregnant women’s experience is so different from each other? But also each of our children that we are pregnant with is so different too. Now we all know that it’s a must to get some nice pics while we are pregnant but sometimes it can be the last thing that you feel like doing.

I have just had my beautiful girl “Nevaeh” who is now 2 months old. Things are only just starting to settle down now but sometimes they are not so settled he he. I found with my pregnancy with morning sickness for 4 months and 2 days not that I am counting and heart burn that felt like your insides are coming out of your mouth and what’s with going to the toilet every 5 mins making sleeping almost impossible. I am actually getting more sleep now with a newborn than when I was pregnant.

So the last thing I felt like doing was getting glamorous and having my picture taken. But then I thought more about this. I thought how one day I will be an old nana and my daughter will one day have her own children and I will want to have something that I can look at to help me remember those moments in my life. You know the moments that take your breath away. Even though my pregnancy wasn’t the best the prize was soooo worth it. So I wanted to have pictures that remind me of the entire experience.

This helped motivate me to get my hair down nice by my amazing sister in law and have my make-up done too. I organised my husband to be home from work and my daughter so we could get some beautiful family shots. I then decided on a photography that I felt could capture these moments but not just someone that can take amazing pictures but someone that we would feel like it as a friend doing the pictures.

I love natural pictures the best so by having a photography that helped relax us all was very important to me. I chose to have Annie from Fotoforce do our pictures

Why You Should Use Annie from Fotoforce!

Not only was Annie amazing at capturing a moment in time, she was also so much fun which helped us all relax. Which I am sure you will notice in the pictures below.

I am so glad that I took the time to have this done as I am sure that you find just like I do that time flies by way too fast and before we know it we don’t have heart burn anymore, we aren’t vomiting at the slightest smell of something and we don’t need to pee every 5 mins. We are now holding a beautiful baby that is so precious and loved.

So don’t be wishing that you had not done this as you can’t get back that time in your life. These are the moments and memories that we will all take to our graves so be sure to capture them in a picture so you can relive that amazing moment and feel that beautiful feeling that you did when you were pregnant. As it wasn’t all bad – Luv Kendall

PS. Please comment below if you have your maternity pics taken or if you wish you would have as I would love to hear your stories and so would other mums too x

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