LittleShoppers Takes Pride in Supporting A Good Cause

LittleShoppers is helping the family and friends of Kristy Hunter to seek donations from individuals and businesses to help achieve our fundraising goal of $100,000. Please read Jessica McPherson's plea below and find out why are we in support of this good cause.

I, Jessica McPherson will be holding multiple fundraisers for my cousin Kristy Hunter to try and help ease the financial difficulties that accompany the health issues she is experiencing.

I acknowledge times have been tough for a lot of families the past few years, this one in particular has had their fair share of medical expenses.

In July 2012 Kristy Hunter was finishing her final year of university when she was diagnosed with a malignant aggressive primary brain tumour. 

Kristy spent 6 weeks in The Gold Coast Hospital before returning to her home town of Grafton. After many trips to and from appointments with Neurologists in Southport QLD, radiologists and oncologists in Lismore NSW Kristy's doctors decided the only possible treatment was chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Kristy and her family temporarily relocated to Lismore for 7 weeks where Kristy has had 1 unsuccessful round of chemotherapy and 1 unsuccessful round of radiotherapy.  After many visits with her doctors on the North Coast Kristy decided to get a second opinion from a Neurologist in Sydney. Kristy was referred to multiple Neurologists in Sydney and spent the next few months travelling back and forth by plane as it was the recommended form of travel.

Kristy was then referred to Dr Charlie Teo in May 2013, the best neurosurgeon in Australia. Kristy's visit with Dr Teo wasn't what she expected. Dr Teo booked Kristy in for surgery the day after her consultation. Dr Teo removed multiple small tumours from the frontal lobe and 80 % of the primary brain tumour from the left side of Kristy’s brain. Kristy spent 13 days in Prince of Wales Private Hospital as a self-funded patient. Kristy spent 5 more weeks in Sydney undergoing rehabilitation and awaiting her 6 week consultation with Dr Teo.

Kristy has since returned home to Grafton to continue her rehabilitation with a private physiotherapist as Grafton Base Hospital does not have a rehabilitation centre.

We are seeking donations from individuals and businesses to help achieve our fundraising goal of $100,000. Kristy’s operation and hospital stay have cost her over $85,000 alone, not to mention the costs of travel, accommodation, doctors appointments, rehabilitation and medication.

To make a cash donation, please deposit into Kristys trust account:

· BSB: 082631
· Acc number: 946254319
· GG and RM Hunter

To donate a voucher, product or service please contact Jess by email.

Thanks, Jess McPherson