It Can Happen To You Too. Child Safety... How Safe Is Your Home?

It Can Happen To You Too. Child Safety... How Safe Is Your Home?

Child Safety Resources: Are we Keeping Kids Safe or ‘Dumbing them down? Are You A Lazy Parent or A Safe Parent?’

As a fellow parent, I ask you …

Are we overusing child safety resources and in the process 'dumbing down' our kids and fostering complacent parents? What’s the best way to protect our kids from common dangers like cars, driveways, kitchen areas and swimming pools; while still fostering education and independence?

Hi. I’m Niki Burton, a solo Mum of 4 amazing, spirited children aged 5 to 14. I am also an educator and a business owner. I’m just like you – a parent with a busy lifestyle and I appreciate information and resources that assist my family, especially when it comes to safety, but I also want to ensure my children are educated and have essential life experiences.

With Bachelor Degrees in Teaching and Social Science, my biggest qualification comes from raising 4 children, mostly as a solo Mum. I’m forever juggling tasks and searching for ways to give my kids a great start in life. Regardless of my intentions however, I do lead a busy life and I know that it is impossible to supervise my kids 24 hours a day.

The purpose of this article is to share with you, an amazing new resource which can literally save the life of someone you love and make your job as a parent a lot less stressful.

We’ve all heard the comparisons of our own childhood to those before us. Raised in New Zealand, the definition of safety 30 years ago was somewhat different today. We rode on the back of trucks, travelled in cars held together with rust. We walked hours to and from school without parental supervision. (sometimes along the train tracks) Our pools weren’t fenced and we weren't wrapped in cotton wool. Things have changed.

So, what are some of our main concerns as parents? Probably Vehicle Safety and Safety at home. Lets start with some facts.

Driveway safety: Did you know: every year in Australia, eight children younger than five are killed after being run over at low speed, with three children run over in Queensland every week. (Kidsafe) Close your eyes now and imagine that one of those beautiful children was yours. What lengths would you go to keep your child safe? Most parents will answer “Whatever it takes” But, we often believe that such accidents won’t happen to us. Guess what, we are all fallible. Being a parent is the world’s toughest job. We could all do with a little help sometimes.

Vehicle Safety: For years, as a busy mum of 4 very active children, I was the stressed parent in the car park trying to keep the kids close to the car; with one leg around my toddler, a hand on the shoulder of my 6 year old, the shopping trolley balanced precariously between the edge of the car boot and hip while my free hand fumbled for the car keys. Eyes on my children I’d call out “Touch the car! Stay here, wait for me!” Taking the children out was stressful and I usually preferred to go alone. I knew there had to be an easier way and often I felt like might be failing as a parent because I found travelling with my children stressful.

Safety At Home: We know that young children don’t have peripheral vision. They are egocentric (I want, I think, I say, I do) and spontaneous; they act without understanding consequence. The risks associated with vehicle and home safety are just too great to place total trust in a young child; hoping that they will always practice safe behavior and won’t endanger themselves. Don’t get me wrong, I trust my children and I educate them and encourage their independence, I just choose to provide them with resources, guidelines and routines which lessen their chance of injury or worse.

In hindsight, I shudder, at the times I’ve avoided the dangers of home (like cooking dinner) with my kids at my feet. If my little ones had a place back then that gave them an exact safe spot to wait and watch; where they could interact and be involved without immediate danger - parenting would have been a lot less stressful.

Water Safety & Renovations: Every day dangers around our homes are real. Water safety is always a huge concern for parents. It’s not only pools, baths and waterways that we have to watch out for water danger.

12 years ago, my beautiful baby girl and I went to explore our house renovations. Cortni was one. We held hands and walked carefully on the outside of the renovation site. We never entered the ‘danger zone’. It had been raining and there were a few puddles, so I kept her close.

As I reviewed the renovation progress, I felt my daughters hand slip away from mine. Glancing down at her, she beamed up at me. I looked away for no more than 10 seconds, expecting her to re-grip my hand. I looked back to grab her hand again and she was gone. My blood ran cold. Everything was still. She was gone. I spun in circles, searching. Gone – Impossible!

Instinctively I placed my hand into a nearby puddle. My whole arm disappeared into the cold murky water. An invisible trap – a building footing hole. My heart lurched as I frantically searched the puddle. Eventually my fingers entwined what felt like hair and I pulled my little girl to the surface; a little blue and bewildered. A few more seconds and she would have been gone forever. My Safety Lesson Number One: I was fallible. I was not exempt from danger nor tragedy and nor was my child. Being blessed with Cortni today is one of the reasons I live my life to help others. My 3 boys are my second reason. I was lucky that day and I choose to pay this forward.

We can loose our children in a heartbeat – literally. In 2007 a friend of mine Tammy resuscitated her son after finding him face down, unconscious in her fenced family pool. Tammy now empowers other parents to gain skills needed to save their own child’s life should they need to. First Aid YUCAN2.

In 2011/2012 in Australia there were 21 drowning’s resulting in death of children aged 0-4yeras. Most of us think we supervise our children adequately, but we are fallible. We can not protect our children 24 hours a day. So, what’s the best way to protect our kids from common dangers like cars, driveways, kitchen areas and swimming pools; while still fostering education and independence?

What if you had a safety resource that gave your children an exact Safe Spot to stand when near danger?

A Safe Spot on your family car for safe entry and exit of the vehicle and somewhere safe to wait when travelling.

A Safe Spot near your driveway, near your pool area, near a renovation area, kitchen or barbeque?

I know that it is possible to keep your kids safe while also providing routine and education, as well as encouraging autonomy and responsibility.

Introducing Safe Spot Sticker.

A visual, tactile, exact safe spot on your car or near a danger area in your home for your child to place their hand, wait & stay safe.

  • Keeping children safe, in sight & away from the danger of our roads, car parks & at home
  • Saving Lives
  • Reducing Stress for Busy Parents
  • Taking the STRESS out of outings

Safe Spot Sticker is the perfect Safety option for parents; providing, an educational safety resource designed to save lives and reduce stress for busy parents. Here’s some more information.


When Travelling With Children

Safe Spot Sticker provides an exact spot on the outside of your car, for kids to place their hand and wait every time they enter/exit your vehicle. The sticker is positioned on the passenger side panel of your vehicle, indicating the safest entry/exit point (furthest away from traffic).

Safety At Home

Protect your children from known dangers, such as your driveway, pool area, a renovation, kitchen or bbq area. Safe Spot Sticker gives your child an exact spot to stand, wait and stay safe near a danger area, while keeping them away from immediate danger.

As a parent, I do everything I can to educate my children about dangers at home and when travelling and to keep them safe. I choose Safe Spot Sticker to help me do this and to reduce my stress in the process.

I am very blessed to have been able to save my daughter 12 years ago. I am honored to help you keep your kids safe today. Safe Spot Sticker: empowering children, parents and families – helping you to protect those you love most. Simply awesome.

For information & to grab a Safe Spot Sticker: Safe Spot Sticker for Vehicle & Home

Using Safety Resources, such as Safe Spot Sticker is an excellent preventative measure. Along with supervision and education and an awareness that we are not infallible, Safe Spot Sticker can assist you to keep your children safe. Knowledge and action is far better than taking the attitude that accidents would never happen to you or those you love. Proactive is better than no action.
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We’d love to hear your stories: how you saved your child, a near accident, or the beautiful soul that you’ve lost. Anyone willing to share their experience, or a testimonial, please email:

Article by Niki Burton: Author, Educator, Founder of pure heart kids books & Safe Spot Sticker.

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