How to Care for Your Baby’s Skin Naturally

How to Care for Your Baby’s Skin Naturally

A Baby’s skin is so intoxicating that it actually triggers a release of dopamine in the brain when you nuzzle up close to it. Babies are born with skin that is so soft and sensitive that the last thing you want to do is compromise it by exposing it to potentially-harmful chemicals.  Thankfully, the Australian baby product market is being driven by product lines that are free from abrasive chemicals and feature predominantly naturally-derived ingredients. As a conscious parent it is imperative to identify the symptoms of dry skin early on and treat it in a responsible and effective manner.

Identifying dry skin in a baby

Most babies will experience dry skin at some stage. Normal dry skin that is not linked to an underlying condition such as Eczema and Psoriasis can present itself in many ways. The most common sign of dry skin is the prevalence of small white scales that peel at the edges that often go hand-in-hand with a scaly, rough texture. If the skin is extremely dry, red patches or fine cracks can appear that can bleed when exposed to friction. If your baby displays any secondary symptoms such as fever and severe discomfort it is recommended to seek professional medical advice in order to rule out any serious underlying conditions.

Treating dry skin in a natural manner

Dry skin is common among babies and toddlers and can be attributed to a number of causes such as exposure to the elements, a mild to severe allergic reaction to commercial bath gels, lotions and shampoos, and even long baths. There are numerous completely natural ways to treat your baby or toddler’s dry skin. Pure coconut oil is not extremely hydrating but is also very gentle on the skin and is not known to have any adverse effects. When purchasing store-bought products make sure to read the labels carefully, opting only for naturally-derived products that can’t harm your baby or the environment in any way.  In older babies, Spirulina can be added to the diet to help combat dry skin by warding off the oxidants in the skin that makes it appear dry and tender.

General skin care tips for babies

Diaper rash is one of the most prevalent skin conditions among babies and is generally caused by the irritation caused by a poor-quality disposable nappy or one that is soiled or wet. Take care to only purchase reusable cloth or hypoallergenic nappies designed for sensitive skin and never leave a baby in a dirty nappy. Steer clear of baby wipes that contain alcohol and fragrances, opting instead to use a soft, wet cloth. Give your baby regular, gentle massages to improve blood circulation and elasticity and also provide you with the perfect opportunity for some intimate bonding.

Taking care of your baby’s precious skin is one of the first responsibilities you as a new parent will have. By following the guidelines above and relying on your own common sense, you will find that keeping your baby’s skin in tip-top shape is not nearly as hard as you may have imagined.