How I Travelled to Happiness

I have been a Creata Direct Consultant in Australia for a little over 2 years now and I am LOVING it. I have a team who are also loving the concept and loving the fact that they can work from home around their family and earn their way to financial freedom.

If you had of asked me 2 years ago if I wanted to get into the party plan industry, I would have hesitated, however a couple of years ago, after having my second child, with the looming thought of my maternity leave coming to an end, I sought all sorts of options. The Miche bag tote bag jumped out at me and I knew that this was the PERFECT nappy bag for me and for every single mother out there. Having made a promise to myself to be a funky and stylish Mum, the thought of a nappy bag I could change everyday to actually match my outfit, was the best thing since sliced bread. This became a concept I knew that I could sell. What woman doesn't love beautiful handbags?......So I took the leap into Party plan. And I mean I took the LEAP!. I promised myself that this was it. I was going to make this a success and strive to make this business work, so I could watch my girls grow up and still bring the money in that we needed to survive.

Within 3 months I was making enough to tell my employer that I wasn't coming back. I was able to say goodbye to working 3 days a week, 8am-5pm with my daughters in childcare. I was able to look after them and at the same time organise previews and appointments around "OUR TIME" and bring in some money to pay for holidays and nice clothes. It also gave me a great excuse to get out of the house for a couple of hours and enjoy some great conversation, great food and delicious wine with many wonderful woman. I have also made some great friends through previews that I never would have met in any other circumstances and I thank the Universe every day for providing me with this wonderful opportunity.

It has now been a little over 2 years and I have built a team of my own and I'm currently a qualified Manager. I am earning a great income while still working from home around my kids. I am truly thankful for this amazing this opportunity that I stumbled on. If you would also like to learn how you can also obtain this freedom, then contact me through my website


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