Have you strip washed your modern cloth nappies lately?

Have you strip washed your modern cloth nappies lately?

It’s important every few months to do a strip wash on your nappies. You are probably asking when is it time? Well when your nappies are leaking it can mean that your nappies are due for a strip wash. Or when they are just not performing like they used to. For me it is normally when my hubby complains that the nappies are not working!! Basically what you are doing when you perform a strip wash is you are getting rid of any remnants of any residue from the washing powder from the materials within your nappies. How often you need to perform a strip wash is really dependent on how often you wash and use your nappies, some families that are washing every day would be different to a family that are only using nappies on a part-time basis. You will know when it is time….

So that you are not left short of nappies I normally do 2 strip washes. Once on half of my nappies then again on the second half of my stash. That way I can continue to use them as normal.

Well I hear you asking how do I do a strip wash?? Well the way that works for us is to firstly do a hot wash at about 60 degrees with no detergent and a high level of water. Once this is complete, do another wash with cold water and use washing up liquid, yes the stuff you use on your dishes! Be sure not to use one that contains a moisturizer. You will just need a small amount of this and just put it into the same area you would normally put the washing powder. Once this cycle is finished you will need to do a further rinse cycle on your nappies, keep doing rinse cycles until there are no suds/bubbles coming out in the water.

Once this is complete then just hang them out to dry and you are done!

Hopefully once you have done this your nappies will be back to normal and working perfectly again!

Remember make sure you are only using half the normal amount of washing powder you would use in a normal load of washing as this helps minimise the build-up of residue in your nappies. Please note that doing a hot wash may void any warranties on your nappies so please read your warranties and manufacturers instructions first.

Have you performed a strip wash on your nappies, I would love to hear how you do it and what works for you?


Emma Hale is an Environmental Scientist and mother of two and owner of the new online children’s sustainable product shop, Destination Green, based in Beacon Hill. Destination Green sells modern cloth nappy, nappy accessories and sustainable children's product at affordable prices.