Going Natural

Going Natural

Every mother wants only the best for her child. From clothes that keep them warm or cool according to the weather to the healthiest of food and baby needs like diapers, mummies will make sure that their buds get optimum care.


In a generation that has been presented with many products that make life easier, many are not aware of the perils some of these commodities impose on our environment. Part of being a responsible parent is ensuring that your children do not only get the utmost care but also assuring that they have a better place to grow up with.


The predicament of garbage disposal is an environmental issue worldwide. Every single day, there is a large pile of garbage accumulating in all corners of this planet. Many are yet still not aware of what biodegradable is from non-biodegradable. Even in the 21st century, a lot are still not practicing waste segregation.


Baby diapers are consumed in multiple amounts on a daily basis all over the world. If one baby consumes an average of 5-6 diapers a day, multiply it by the millions who use it and in reality, I have lost count! Do you know that it actually takes 500 years for a single disposable diaper to decompose? By the time our babies have grown and lived their lives to the fullest to reaching a century even, still, their diapers worn in their baby years are rotting in some garbage pit.



That’s the truth mummies! But you have a choice. You can opt for products that are both beneficial to your babies and the environment. There are diapers made out of natural materials. It is good for babies since it will not cause them to rash. It helps mums in lessening their worries and concern and saves you the trouble of buying creams to soothe the inconvenience caused by other kind of diapers.


I challenge you to be a wiser parent in choosing what best suits your little ones. Think of the overall impact of the decision you make on how it may affect your child’s life. Some may say that a diaper made out of natural materials and those of other things are just the same and have the same purpose. Look, the former decomposes in only two years and the latter in 500 years! In choosing the natural one, you are giving your child the hope of growing up with a better world.


Personally, we can train ourselves to be responsible people. Then we can pass on the good habits we have to family and friends. You may think that this is a small act but if done as a whole and with a domino effect, we are gifting our children and future generation with a world that is clean, safe and worth living.