Four Step Approach to Helping a Child with ADHD and ODD

Four Step Approach to Helping a Child with ADHD and ODD

Many people actually ask me what I do as a ‘Parenting Strategist’ and why I am so passionate about parenting.

The answer is simple…’I had to learn to become a better parent or risk losing my child’.

My youngest son, now aged 20, was diagnosed with childhood depression, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder) when he was just a toddler. Several practitioners diagnosed him before he was 5 years old and most recommended medication (both anti-depressants and stimulant drugs).

My husband Andrew and I refused to medicate him yet we didn’t know what other solutions were out there. Fifteen plus years ago there wasn’t as much information about holistic alternatives for these challenges so we set about on our own journey of discovery. Over the following 7 or 8 years we implemented a four step approach that really helped our son. We still had our challenges but at least we were coping.

The 4 steps were:

  1. Diet and Food: (avoiding colours, preservatives, flavours and additives and also checking for food sensitivities like wheat and sugar)
  2. Health and Nutrition: Many children with these issues may have gut problems, parasites, food sensitivities, heavy metals, or be affected by EMF (electromagnetic fields) and so on.
  3. Toxicity in the home: Eliminating toxic and potentially harmful ingredients in everyday personal and household products.
  4. Self Esteem and Self Worth: It was so important to keep working on building up self-esteem.

These 4 steps served us well until adolescence hit!!! It was then that we really had to dig deep as our gorgeous son presented with major challenges especially between about age 13 to 15. He got expelled from 2 secondary schools, got mixed up with alcohol and drugs and in trouble with the police…it was a very stressful time for our whole family, straining all of our relationships!

It’s quite a story (you can read it in my books) but the universe provided and help came to us in the way of an angel across the seas. We started learning more about our relationships and how to treat our son to get the most from and for him. We learnt to change our language and the way we communicated, we learnt to treat him the way we wanted to be treated and to gain cooperation NOT control.

In a nutshell we got our son back and now experience a relationship so wonderful that others look at us and go “Wow”.

So as a parenting Strategist I want to share what worked for us and how I can help others experience the most awesome, happy and rewarding relationships.

It gives me the greatest pleasure to be able to assist parents and educators and guide them in a positive direction.

I enjoy working 1 on 1 with parents through my coaching and strategy sessions, I have an abundance of information and guidance to offer through my 6 books. I also conduct seminars and workshops for schools and the general community. I have recently recorded my 1 day workshop on DVD so parents can work through it at home in their own time.

I am available to help you and ‘take the stress out of you parenting’.

I would like to offer readers a FREE 30 min consultation to discuss your family’s needs. You can contact me on 0418393298,, visit my website at or join me on face book at


About Lillian Reekie

image001 Lillian Reekie is a teacher (Bachelor of Arts in Education) an author, parenting strategist and coach, a seminar and workshop presenter and most importantly a passionate Mum of 2 boys aged 20 and 27.