Do You Need Help Being Organised This Christmas

Do You Need Help Being Organised This Christmas

I know the worst part about hosting Christmas Lunch is worrying about every little thing. You need to do all sorts of jobs from cleaning your house, organising table arrangements, cooking and keeping the little ones out from under your feet whilst you do it all!

Here are a few tried & tested ways you have a stress-free Christmas event at your place!

Demand Help - Now is the perfect time to rope in the whole family to do their part. Divide up the last minute tasks and assign one or two to each member of the household. If you are anything like us there will be bathrooms to clean, marquees to set up, bedrooms to be tidied, beds made for guests and many more things besides. Everyone can and should do their part to make your place look ship shape!

Do Things in Advance - If you think about all the things you need to do for Christmas Lunch, there are probably several you get out of the way on Christmas Eve or even before that. Many food items can be made ahead of time and refrigerated, tables and chairs can be set up the day before, lawns can be cut & backyard’s tidied up. One of my favourite time savers is to pre-make Christmas Breakfast.

K.I.S.S – Everyone knows the K.I.S.S principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid!) and it’s SO relevant for Christmas. 4hrs before 20+ people are due at your front door is NOT the time to try out your new turkey cooking method for the first time or to start baking dinner rolls from scratch. Keeping things simple will ensure you are less stressed and mean that everyone has a more enjoyable day.

Keep small children occupied – If your little ones are too small to really “help” with the Christmas Prep, consider settling them down to a substantial activity that will keep them interested and out of everyone’s way. A special Christmas DVD (saved just for this occasion) works a treat.

Here at Honey, You Baked! We have young kids too and know all about running about madly on Christmas Day. This is one of the reasons we have created this great {Printable} Christmas Running Sheet to help you stay calm and ensures everyone knows what’s happening when. (Handy if you get stuck on another activity and the turkey needs putting in the oven!).

Print it out, fill it in and stick it up on your fridge or somewhere easily seen by everyone. Go through the run sheet with everyone assisting you and ensure everyone is aware of their assigned jobs and where there may be issues/where you may need extra help. TOP TIP! Make sure you start at the end and work backwards! Trust us – it WILL make your life easier.

You can download your Free {Printable} Christmas Run Sheet HERE.

Happy Christmas! - from Honey, You Baked!


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