Chocolate at its Best

Chocolate at its Best

Over the year’s chocolate has been demonized as unhealthy – filled with toxic ingredients that most of us have never even heard of. The treats that you see on the supermarket shelves will most likely have a shelf life of 6 months, with some being able to sustain their preservation for even longer! While this is an added benefit for manufacturers, how good can it really be for our bodies or how much do these preservatives jeopardise the integrity of the cacao?

Adding man-made preservatives such as invert sugars and manufactured sugars such as glucose syrup, the flavour of the filling tends to become much sweeter and artificial tasting. What’s more these additives compromise the texture and feel of the sweet treat – ultimately deviating from the origins of the cacao bean.

Chocolate without any preservatives or additives is expected to have a shelf life of 2-3 weeks in total. While the duration of time that the chocolate maintains its delicious silky and rich taste is short, keeping these preservatives out of the recipe will ensure that the wholesomeness and richness of the fillings flavour and chocolate coating is truly realized.

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Four Friend Chocolate Coffee and Tea in Crows Nest is one of the few chocolatiers that use only natural and organic ingredients – sourced from around the world. With their fresh chocolates having a shelf life of two weeks out of the refrigerator – you know you are filling your body with the best ingredients to satisfy that sweet craving.

What’s more, this ethical café is currently offering chocolate workshops to give Sydney residents the opportunity to learn from the best!


Kids will have an amazing one hour session where they will create chocolate spring rolls, slabs of milk chocolate and other beautiful sweet treats to bring home to the family!

Kids can enjoy this amazing experience for only $35pp. Private workshops are also available for a minimum of 4 people for the low price of $45pp.


ADDRESS: 5/29 Holtermann St, Crows Nest – 0415 068 881