Charlize Theron on the Spotlight After Letting Her 5-year Old Son Wear a Queen Elsa Outfit

Charlize Theron on the Spotlight After Letting Her 5-year Old Son Wear a Queen Elsa Outfit

Charlize Theron was spotted with her 5-year old African-American son Jackson in public. Much to people’s surprise, her son was dressed in a girl’s outfit and was wearing a long blonde wig like that of Queen Elsa of Frozen.

This caused a divided reaction among people. For the open minded and more accepting, they laud her for giving her son the liberty to choose what he wants to wear. But to the others, they criticize her for not guiding her son accordingly.

Dear moms, once we become parents, it is a world that is unknown ahead of us. Parenthood does not come with a manual. We are all unique individuals and what works with you may not be for the others and vice versa.

How children are raised is usually the preference of the parents and not the society. For a stomach ache, there would be so many advices that you will get from others. Even the brand of paracetamol to give your tots will sometimes be dictated by advertisements.

On Charlize Theron, this could be a sensitive issue since many are reacting differently. Some say that she degraded a black boy by a white’s outfit. Another reaction would be on gender identity. That the boy is too young to understand what a transgender is.

However, for days that this has been on media and no reaction has been let out from the Theron camp, it is bias to judge her. For those who ridicule her, we still have not heard her side of the story. Many kids are mature enough to understand what they are into. Even a 5-year old will very well be able to understand the concept of cause and effect if explained well by their parents.

We parents are all geared to one goal when it comes to our kids’ welfare and that is to give them what we think is best for them. Best is subjective. This again will be dependent on the circumstances every parent is in to. Regardless, it is innate for every parent to love and care for their children. To make sure no harm will be cast on them.

My dear friends, let us not judge too easy. How about we wait for Charlize to let out a statement? Let’s give her a chance. She deserves it.