BRANGELINA Back to Brad and Angelina

BRANGELINA Back to Brad and Angelina


They did it again! This famous Hollywood couple made headlines as news of their separation dominated the global media. Many speculations went around claiming that it could have been caused by a third party. On the other hand, there are rumors that Brad have been abusive. Also, some articles read that he has been into drugs and alcohol.


For any couples going through separation, it will always be a difficult time. There would be many things to be considered as well. Properties will be an issue but if you have kids, that would be an utmost concern.


Divorce will definitely affect the children. But they should not be a reason for you to stick with a spouse that you know no longer complement the kind of relationship needed to sustain a marriage or a family as well. However, it would be a great idea to go counseling and try to mend marital patches.


Some couples are just not meant to last a lifetime of togetherness. They may not be each other’s best husband or wife but this does not necessarily mean that they are bad parents.

If the relationship is no longer a good one to salvage, let it go. Differences can be settled and you can make amends better when you no longer are a couple. It may not be a general norm but in some cases, this works. Get over it and move on. Then breathe. Next thing, focus on how to design your parenting skills with the new setup your family has.


Separation can be a very traumatic experience for a child. From a home with a loving mother and a dependable father, suddenly one day, the reality of a broken family shatters him. This is a challenging experience for every divorced parent.
Mummies and daddies, set aside your feud. Put your child’s welfare on the frontline. How do you make a life worth living for your kids despite no longer living together in the same roof?


Make parenting a collaborative effort. Set a date for the child to spend time with each of you. Be involved in your child’s interests and support him every step of the way. You can divide tasks. Daddy can be his companion in sports and outdoor activities. Mummy can be there to support him in school events and shopping for his needs. In occasions like birthdays, maybe both of you can team up to make this day extra special for your child. If neither of you is still not in another relationship yet, make Christmas and summer a bonus for your child to have good memories to look back to in his memory lane.


Do not let your incompatibility with your ex cause your child’s future. Negotiate. Cooperate. Be responsible matured adults.