Babes in the Heat

Babes in the Heat
By: Kendall Seddon



It really doesn't matter what terms you use, ‘global warming’, ‘climate change’, ‘wow isn't it rather hot for this time of year’, the truth is, that we can’t predict the weather.  Our bubs are not developed enough to regulate their body temperatures and keeping cool is not a skill they have learned. So, as parents it is our sole responsibility to protect our bubs against the elements, and a responsibility that we take seriously.


Saying this, do we really know what to do in the extreme heat?  Of course we try to avoid it at all costs, but sometimes we can’t avoid lives little upsets; traffic jams or getting lost in a carpark on a really hot day. It is just life, and we have to roll with the punches.


For your bub though, it is not so easy, with less sweat glands and no learned skills to make themselves cooler, it’s scary to know that in hot weather they can be subject to hyperthermia and even death.


The general rule in hot weather is to continuously stay in tune with your bub.  During this time, it is more important than ever to be aware of all the signs of heat exhaustion or dehydration such as irritability and clamminess and ensure your baby is comfortable.


LuvMe Bamboo Cloth Nappies are a great product to use as they are breathable and help regulate babies temperature.  For the best value visit here.


Some general tips to your family keeping your family cooler may include eating more smaller cold meals instead of large ones.  And, well, I really don't like to say it, but during a heat wave find reliable air-conditioning, and stay there.


If air-con is not an option of you, then here are my top 5 rules for staying cool:


    1. Keep up the fluids, much more than normal on hot days for both mum and bub.


    1. Be diligent with closing windows as soon as the temperate outside is hotter than the inside. Keep curtains or blinds closed during these hours to block out any direct sunlight.


    1. Buy a few empty plastic spray bottles and fill them with water to keep in the fridge.  The mist from the cold spay together with a fan is the closest thing to man made air-con you can get!


    1. Keep a pack of LuvMe Eco Wet Wipes in the fridge too!  Wipe down sweaty brows and to keep you and bub nice and fresh and clean.


    1. Keep the freezer stocked.  Freezing drinks or storing frozen fruit in plastic containers is also highly recommended. I store grapes and chopped fruit such as bananas (skin peeled off), watermelon and rockmelon in large plastic containers. They are great for smoothies and make for great refreshing snacks on a hot day.


    1. Frequent air-conditioned public places such as art galleries or libraries.  When bubs a bit older, the library is a great and cool place to go to chill out.  Believe it or not, the library was a place where the family went before the days of the internet, and they still host regular family activities.  If anything else, they are a great place to find a corner and have story time where it is nice and cool.