7 Easy Tips to be the Best Green Mum on the Planet

7 Easy Tips to be the Best Green Mum on the Planet
By: Kendall Seddon



A good tip is worth its weight in gold, and if you're a busy mum, you will take a good tip and put it into your cap like a feather that has always been there.
You want the best information about how to raise your kids in a happy and healthy environment, and you want it yesterday.
So to cut through the noise, here are the top 7 tips for ‘treading lightly’ and being the best green parent you can be:


A child's most envious of qualities is that they are too young to put monetary value on things. Knowing this, they key is to give and receive second hand items and shop online for bargains for your kids.  Trust me, our little ones outgrow items so quickly, and no-one will notice the difference between a brand spanking new pair of shorts, or pre-loved ones.


Some things that are worth doing are worth doing well.  The benefits of ecofriendly nappies are endless and make your whole life a better place, plus you are committed to lessening our environmental impact as a whole.  This is what we call a win win situation! http://www.luvmewholesale.com


White vinegar and baking soda.  I will say it again, white vinegar and baking soda - it is the ultimate cleaner.  Get an old spray bottle, fill it up with cheap white vinegar and pour a little baking soda in it.   Viola!


Get dirty!  No matter what type of a house or garden you have, gardening helps bring every family closer together.  The prices of fresh fruit and veggies are increasing and the practice of buying this fresh food from far away or overseas is ridiculous. Look up Permaculture and build a garden bed close to your house for easy access. Click HERE for some local Pottsville advice.


You may have gone solar, you may not have, but sustainable living is cost effective and it’s best to keep ahead of the curve.  Check out these Roof Tiles that are completely solar that were launched last year.


Keep your eye out though for various walk and bike paths around where you live.  If you can’t leave your front door on foot or bike then drive to a place and go for a nice long walk or ride.  It will keep you and your family connected to your local environment and your kids will learn some healthy lessons from you to!


The healthiest kids are those who eat locally. Nutrients in fresh fruit and veg slowly die as soon as it is picked, so shop and eat locally to gain the biggest benefits for your family.